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Girls Forever: The Definitive KARA Singles Rate (#12-11)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. I'd never listened to Kara before this and I didn't manage to listen to them all but I remember Break It was the only one I liked.
  2. Reported for hate speech.
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  3. I remember I gave this my 10 because heathens like y'all would say it's shite:

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  4. Let's just rate again.
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  5. @3Xs
  7. Yeah, now I want to make commentary.
  8. Do it over so I can vote. x
  9. I'm ready to cheer for Pandora, Mister, Mamma Mia and Step like they rightly deserve
    although i've only actually heard a couple of the others so oops.
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  10. Can we only rate the remaining songs or at least only the top 20 ?? The bottom 10 are mostly Christmas songs that their average is about 5.
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. Great! Open a new thread and host it xx
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  13. Step. I mean, really.
  14. If u wanna pwetty, everybody pwetty~
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  15. If whoever does the new rate waits a couple of months, they can add Hara's upcoming Japanese solo album(!!!) to the list.
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  16. I'm ready to be Team Jumping once more.
  17. [​IMG]

    I have been given the spreadsheet for the rate and the results are... interesting. I mean some of these scores are disgusting and sickening, but what else is new on this forum. But at least y'all got the winner right. It's a fairly obvious choice, so let's not waste any time and continue the countdown! The winner of the KARA Singles Rate is...



    1. Daydream

    Score: 10.00 | High: 10(x18) | Low: n/a

    How can a song that's not even in the competition come in and win the whole thing?! Well I guess that's just how legendary Goddess is. She took a break from her iconic nasal high notes in Kara's singles to do this Gain-esque number, where she shines all by herself. (Although, some people would say the same thing about every Kara MV as well *giggles*)


    Daydream was a #163 chart smash composed by Sweetune, in which Gyuri sings about a "shattered" love which consumes her and haunts her in her dreams. It's not even ironic stanning when I say that Goddess pulls it off very well and that I wish she'd come back with more solos. Ugh, where are you girl? Come back TT


    Where's the lie?
  18. I hate you.
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  19. Flawless winner.
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