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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. They would never come back with a song like Flower Power or Galaxy Supernova in Korea because it wouldn't sell.

    Look at Catch Me If You Can, it didn't sell much in Korea at all. Their Korean audience want more traditional pop songs.

    I applaud the girls for doing a double single with this album as its getting to show different sides of them to the Korean public.
  2. I think Girls Generation are the one of the most diverse groups I've ever seen. I love that you can listen to their discography and not be subjected to listening to carbon copies of the same song over and over.
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  3. I've recently discovered and have been hammering Lazy Girl. I prefer their dancier ones because they're more interesting to watch, but they do the retro better than anyone else.
  4. This may have been true if Lion Heart wasn't in the exact same vein as Twinkle/Dancing Queen/the other promoted tracks off Mr.Mr and You Think just being a 2015 friendly version of The Boys/Holler/Mr.Mr.
  5. That's quite a stretch.
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  6. That's what I was thinking.

    The point I was making was that the girls had released 2 singles that were completely different from each other. Not that they were completely new sounds for them.
  7. Their last album is so dire. Such a non-event.
  8. Dek


    Taeyeon solo debut will be on Oct 7
    SNSD New Tour starts in November KR, December Japan and then the rest

    Remember they are also releasing a new JP album very soon
  9. I'm expecting the Japanese album to be infinitely better than this one.
  10. The japanese album is not a definite. We have a Taeyeon solo, Tiffany solo and TTS3 album coming and it's almost October.

    I love Lion Heart. You Think, Fire Alarm and Check are my jams.
  11. I keep reading rumours they're splitting up soon. And who still wants anything from TTS or solos?
  12. Dek


    before every japanese tour they release an album, it's not something new from them lol

    and that thing about the split I've been hearing it since IGAB and they are still here lol
    I'm sure next year will be tour + individual activities. They are going to south america on Feb
  13. It just seems all too short notice for them to cram everything in and rehearse for all these different activities.

    I hope a Japanese album is coming, their Japanese output is much stronger than their Korean.

    Why South America and not Europe? There is no major music scene in South America. They've cracked Japan so USA or UK make more sense.
  14. I don't think they'd promote there, would they? Probably just a couple concerts, there's a huge ticket-buying fanbase over there.
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  15. Four years and counting for the now mythical Girls' Generation English album...
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  16. That ship has to have sailed. Why would they bother now?
  17. Considering that a decent portion of the group was born and grew up in California, I'm actually really surprised an English album hasn't happened at some point...
    And I'm definitely here for a Japanese album...
    But they definitely seem way too busy...
  18. Rumour was that they were working on it back in 2011 but it was shelved. I follow a guy who works in the K-Pop industry and the rumour is that they've gone back to it for a 2016 launch with the girls taking English and French lessons.
  19. French???
    Random, but very cool...
    Do they have many francophone fans???
  20. This might explain why Sooyoung mentioned in a variety show that she wishes she has the ability to just speak English and French fluently. I thought it was a little odd that she included french.