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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. They've done pretty well for it to not be a big issue actually, no one even mentions it anymore.
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  2. I still miss her voice on their most recent songs. It really made a difference when it came down to me. She has a very reconisable tone.

    On the other hand, her solo material is way too mellow and, erm, kind of boring. She really needed the group's musical direction to balance things out.

    Either way, I'm excited for the group's comeback and anniversary. Not a lot of girlgroups achieve the milestone that is a 10th anniversary. So proud of them.
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  3. It's surely their last one though. They just don't really fit in anymore.
  4. Jessica's first album is the definition of boring but the second one has a few bops. I like Wonderland, Dancing On The Moon and Celebrate.

    Yeah I also have a feeling that this is their last one. I will miss them for sure but at least we will get more solo records from them. Their solo works are really better than their songs as a group tbh.
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  5. I don't see them disbanding. I can see them staying together but comebacks being few and far between.
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  6. Lots and lots of solo activities (from Taeyeon).
  7. I just want to add to this tired thread - Jessica knew exactly what she was doing when she posted that message online. She knew it would put the group into a irreparable state of me vs. them and that her duties to the group would be halted right then and there. There was a clear surge of emotion that prompted her to post that online, as it became clear she wanted the upper hand in the media before SM published their version. She got fired for whatever reason and didn't see the reason to stick around until she got a proper send off like it was rumoured.

    It's a bit laughable that the 8 others were vilified as if they had any say in such matters from a huge entertainment company. At the end of the day the group ended up fine and she became a non-entity in music and fashion. What everyone seems to ignore is that she wanted to leave anyway.
  8. Basically, Jessica was being selfish and played the victim even though SM was actually supportive of her business venture provided she put in the work for SNSD.
  9. She stopped putting the work in post-The Boys. Her going was long overdue; I just wish it was less messy.
  10. It wasn't good to fire her from the group like that but Jessica didn't do any better. She tried to threw the girls under the bus and show herself as a victim. But when she was releasing her album, she said ''yeah I'm still in contact with some of the members, I left the group to have my freedom etc''.

    I still like her but I actually found her a bit petty. That Instagram post with caption ''I love Korea'' on the same day that netizens were attacking Tiffany because of the Rising Flag, was really bad.
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  11. This all sounds very...passive-agressive.

    The timing of her solo projects was just off. Had it been another year, she would still be in the group.
  12. My gorgeous queen

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  13. I love Tiffany. It took me a long time to own up to it but I do.
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  14. Tiffany is a very nice girl and the same person on and off camera, according to friends.
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  15. Still my favorite gif of the whole mess between SNSD and Sica:

    Savage! Taeyeon cackling, Sooyoung looking like she's thinking "don't do it, don't do it!", Hyoyeon looking nervously off to the side, Tiffany tossing her hair... it's all perfect. She ripped into poor Sica.
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  16. Wait what is this? Is she really talking about Jessica ?
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  18. Like I predicted, Jessica's third mini album will come in early August, for the 10th anniversary of her career.

    It's going to be a mess.
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  19. The absolute shade. Oh well, at least we'll have all 9 at the same time in one way or another. And to be fair, it is true, so good for her for celebrating this rather significant milestone.
  20. Can we take a moment to recognize Hyoyeon and how shockingly decent her solo material is???
    What do we suppose the likelihood will be of her be more prevalent in the upcoming group material???