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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. SHY is everything! The set list looks great but I can't believe they're not doing Oh or I Got a Boy.
  2. I love that they did everything bar Talk Talk from Lion Heart.

    Wish I'd gone.
  3. Still very, very new to K-Pop but SNSD are already my clear favourites.

    Top 5 (so far)

    1. Mr Mr
    2. Genie
    3. Lion Heart
    4. Party
    5. Mr Taxi

    More suggestions are welcome encouraged
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  4. What albums of GG have you heard?

    I'd recommend all the Japanese ones, The Boys and Lion Heart.
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  5. I've got (and love) Lion Heart, the Mr Mr EP and most of the other singles I've just been listening to via YouTube so far. I was tempted to add everything there is to my library but there's so much to get through, I didn't know where to begin. I will make The Boys my next choice though, thanks!
  6. Their Japanese output is their best by far.

    Mr Taxi, Bad Girl, Paparazzi, Flower Power, Gossip Girls, Galaxy Supernova, Catch Me If You Can.

    The best thing I'd say to do is to start from their most recent release and work backwards. Their sub-unit TaeTiSeo has just released a Xmas album called 'Dear Santa' and Taeyeon released her solo debut called 'I'.
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  7. Mr. Taxi is probably the only single I dislike. Their singles tend to be pretty spot on.
  8. Eh? I don't know what's to dislike about that song, it's their best for me.
  9. I'd say Mr Taxi is definitely 2nd place in the 'SNSD Songs With "Mr" in the Title' category, but that's mostly because Mr Mr is amazing.
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  10. I just think it's awkward whereas all their other singles either flowed really well or were quirky enough. This one is just middle of the road.
  11. Spent the last couple of days going over the stuff @Shockbox recommended and more, definitely agree that the Japanese albums edges the rest (still love most of the Korean stuff too)

    Today's obsession: Karma Butterfly.
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  12. Then you'll love their performance of the track from 'The Best At Tokyo' gig

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  13. I did indeed love that performance, but now I've just heard the ballad version of Into the New World and I'm never listening to music ever again. It destroyed me.
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  14. Tiffany is releasing solo material???
  15. Yes. She has been working on it for the past half a year at least, which is forever in Kpop world.
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  17. Love it...
    The West needs an English version pronto...
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  18. I Just Wanna Dance is that bop.
  19. It's the best song on the mini album and would be great to see some international promo.