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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I hope that they can still together for fan meets now and then.
  2. Rumor has hit they’re all starring in the new BLANC ECLARE campaign.
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  3. Well let’s face it, the company does need talent to promote it’s line of goods.

    This is a joke by the way before the K-Police come along.
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  4. He


    Karma Butterfly is snatching me bald.
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  5. It's fascination

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  6. Interesting...
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  7. Well with this + CEOhyun saying she will be there for SNSD when it's needed + Sooyoung saying she is still an SNSD member a few days ago, I'm starting to think that maybe @Shockbox was right??
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  8. It’s alright them saying they’ll support it, but it’s all about the money at the end of the day. If SM aren’t prepared to give as much away it won’t happen.
  9. He


    I think it’s also smart of the free girls to play it this way. So if no new SNSD comebacks with 8 members happen, it’s all down to SM.
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  10. So maybe I'm not delusional then after all.

    I've always said that my comments on GG staying together despite some being outside of SM is not a fangirls dream but because I believe it could happen if the will is there for it. And every member of Girls' Generation wants to keep going as a group. So it comes down to SM to create a working environment from which GG to operate. Best solution to me would be for the group to run from it's own sub-label that SooYoung, Seohyun and Tiffany sign to for group activities only.

    It's entirely possible that this could happen although negotiations between the agencies could be difficult.
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  11. As if SM will allow this... Its too good to be true
  12. He


    I mean if SONES unite. Maybe?
  13. Awesome.
  14. I think the fact that SM doesn't have another girl group even close to debuting and the fact that while RV are selling, they don't have the same power and success as GG will work in the girls favour.
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  15. You say that but look what's happened already. SM aren't willing to make a better offer to keep Tiffany, Seohyun and Sooyoung.
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  16. I know and yes it is a long shot but I think if the will of all 8 girls is there then there is a possibility and with SM's current prospects not looking good (the China mess, no new groups ready for debut), they will (or at least should be) eager to hold onto what successful groups they have.
  17. I'd like for this to come true, too however I can't imagine it happening. I doubt SM will admit defeat and ask the girls to come back unless something dramatic happens like EXO disbanding. If anything it will have to be 3 years (that's how long they have extended their contracts by, isn't it?) of solo activities before reuniting on a label they set up themselves outside of or with SM.
  18. To be fair, they were very insistent from day one that SNSD is not over and that they are still SNSD members. I don't doubt if part of the reason the negotiations lasted so long was because they were attempting to reach more or less a consensus with SM. I mean, I don't think SM has much to lose with it. Sure they won't get as much money, but Super Junior, for instance, is only partially under SM and they still work, not to mention it's not like SM depends on SNSD to pay the bills.
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  19. Ah, simplier times...
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