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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Already my favorite version.
    (A song only Soshi could pull off.)
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  2. So today, Taeyeon during an IG live video (via her dog's account ddddd) said she will release a Christmas album next month.

    I rarely like Christmas songs but it's still better than getting nothing. Watch me hammer the album for the next six months nn.
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  3. Christmas albums are OK as long as they're not one ballad after another. Usually K-pop albums are short so I imagine it may end up being quite enjoyable.
  4. It'll be 6 ballads (4 of which will be covers) and I'll listen to it at 3am and sob as I mourn the loss of Tiffany, Sooyoung, and the one I always confuse with the AoA member.
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  5. Tiffany in a interview with Ceci confirmed she wants to enter the American industry. Full interview (in English) is not still out but I found these:

    I'm so happy for her that she's having fun in where she loves to be.

  6. He


    So I’m guessing she won’t be on the phone if SM calls for a comeback with all together.

    Duet with Jessica please.
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  7. If Super Junor can continue as they are right now (seven members, five performing, and one performing only half the song), I guess there's still hope for SNSD even with the five remaining members who resigned with SM Entertainment.
  8. It would be very surprising if it was Tiffany who was the only one who never returned. She always seemed the most pro-SNSD of everyone.
  9. He


    Maybe the way she was treated after the flag incident has changed her perception on the industry?
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  10. "I never be late and take banana" (c) Tiffany Hwang, 2017
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  11. Well actually Tiffany always seemed like the one who had the most passion for a solo career (to me). Also she always looks like 20x happier when she's in The US + what @He said so it's not that surprising for me.
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  12. Yeah, weren't some of the comments kind of nasty?

    Nothing too bad, but just people suggesting that she probably sees herself as American and not Korean. There were article comments calling her "foreigner," "gyopo who doesn't care about Korea," people claiming she only sees Korea as a place to earn money. It's probably shitty to have what you consider a second home get tainted by an innocent faux-pas and it feel like some people go back to seeing you as different.

    She probably just thought that if that has impacted her career plans for how she wanted her career in Korea to go, what does she have to lose to go home and try there?

    This isn't to shit on Korea or anything. I'm sure she loves Korea and considers it home too, but just like how you have people with like, BTS for example, pushing that they're Koreans who should be allowed to just sing in Korean and stay true to their roots, Tiffany is American. She probably feels about America how many Korean artists feel about Korea.
  13. A lot of Koreans are like that about anyone in the industry if they weren’t born and raised in Korea.

    And the comments about Tiffany during Snapchat-gay weren’t just some of them nasty. They were all nasty. You would think she had joined Imperial Japan and tried to kill them all the way they went on.

    It’s important to respect cultures but Korea has a real deep rooted issue of misogyny that needs to be addressed. The backlash Tiffany received would have never happened if it had been a man.
  14. Oh it's definitely a reason.
    My ex even dealt with it in everyday life. He's a Korean-American and went back to teach English. They treat him like an outsider.

    This is also a reason Jay Park had trouble in 2PM and wound up leaving after his old posts, venting about the situation, were found. Melanie from Chocolat even brought it up in a recent interview (though she's also half-korean, which just makes the situation worse for her).