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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I haven't been able to check out the album yet but Taeyeon's Christmas album is a success on several charts! It just reached #1 on Melon despite SM not doing any promotion for it whatsoever.
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  2. Even though I'm not a fan of the song, I'm glad it's doing great. It is #1 on every site except Mnet (which makes you think cause the same thing happened to other SM acts like EXO and Red Velvet on Mnet this year.)

    About the album, like I said in the general thread, it has much better songs than This Christmas. It's a bit ballad-heavy but still pretty nice and enjoyable for a Christmas album.
  3. Wait it just got an all-kill. Expose me a bit Mnet.
  4. Move over Mariah; we have a new Christmas icon...
    Seriously though, good for Taeyeon...
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  5. Today my older brother who had never listened to a K-Pop song before asked me to make a K-Pop playlist for him so he can get into the genre. I wanted to only add bops and catchy songs for him and never thought about putting Taeyeon songs in that playlist but when he heard Fine, he said the song is great. Then I played Fire, Feel So Fine, Eraser and he said he wants all of them!!!! I'm having a


    moment right now.
  6. Fine really is iconic though and I say that as even someone bored with much of Taeyeon's music.
  7. Fine is easily my favourite release by her.
  8. Ranking her singles is hard for me cause it changes when I'm in different moods but right now I say:

    Fine > 11:11 = Why > I Got Love > Rain > Make Me Love You > Starlight > I > This Christmas
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  9. I don't get the hate for 'I'. It's so good. Those C#5 and that E5. Bitch!!!

    Fine = 11:11 = I = Why > Make Me Love You > I Got Love >>> Starlight >>> Rain >This Christmas

    I like 'Starlight', and its breezy RnB-lite pop feel, but I never understood the hype.
    Love the trap influences in 'I Got Love' and how quirky it is, but I feel like it relies too much on these...gimmicks?
  10. Why > Make Me Love You > Starlight > I Got Love > This Christmas > I > Rain > Fine > 11:11
  11. Why >>> Fine >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> other singles not named I >>>>>>>>>>>>> wall >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Great Wall of China >>>>>>>>>>> asteroids, blackholes, etc >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I
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  12. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  13. Make Me Love You > I > Why > I Got Love > Rain > 11:11 > Starlight > Fine > This Christmas
  14. I've been listening to their Japanese debut album since living in Japan this summer. It's been my introduction to the group and they are definitely my favorite JPop/KPop group right now. The Great Escape, Go Go Summer! and Bad Girl are all tunes
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  15. One of those things are not like the other...
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  16. I love Nobody (Japanese version) personally.
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  17. Don't forget their electropop Abracadabra (Japanese Version) and career defining bop Diva (Japan Ver.).
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  18. Okay but..

    Actually iconic.
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  19. Their best Japanese song, if you ask me:

    It won their Japanese discography rate in Onehallyu, while it was eliminated at #19 here ddd.
  20. Genie is their best song ever.
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