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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Seohyun was a guest at Taeyeons concert, they chatted a bit and singed and she introduced herself as SNSDs maknae and Taeyeon seemed really happy at the concert and thats so important also Hyoyeon and Red Velvet were in attendance
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  2. I've watched some clips of Taeyeon's concert and it looked quite fun.

    The girls' first japanese tour is iconic. It's incredible how well they performed and moved like a single unit.
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  3. I bloody love Motorcycle!
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  4. I'm in love with I'm In Love With A Hero. Currently. And not even because of the circus act it comes with.[​IMG]

    One highlight (for me) was when she yelled out, cutely, "I have a fucking great band!"

    And they say she has no personality. Hrmph.
    (And she did have a fucking great band.)
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  5. I think it might have been her best show. The setlist was a nice mixture of Christmas songs and even album tracks from previous albums. I loved that she did Good Thing and Night.

    And Taeyeon's audience interactions are always the best. It was also very touching of her to keep the tiny Christmas tree Jonghyun had given her the previous year on stage with her at all times.
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  6. Taeyeon and Seohyunnie's performance:

    Yoona, Yuri and Hyoyeon were there too. And kii at Yoona asking why didn't they invite her to sing Tiffany's parts.

    Good Thing performance (this still might be my favorite album track of her beside Feel So Fine):

    Queen of rapping.

    Night : (SEKSHI QUEEN)

    Eraser (Sexy queen part 2. Kii at how similar the stage is to Britney's Beautiful (Drop Dead) stage in FF tour)

    You can check the rest of the show on the channel that uploaded these videos, if you want.
  7. But who green light those dresses? Seohyun's is okay I guess, but she looks 10 years older in it ....and I'm not even sure what Tae is wearing.
  8. THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS TIIIME has been stuck in my head for days.
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  9. I don't follow K-dramas but Seohyun just won Best New Actress in MBC Awards which is a pretty important award and they rarely give it to idols (the only other idol that has won it is T-ara's Hyomin).

    Also I did a research about what happened to her one-man agency. Apparently, she's temporary signed with Sublime Artist Agency for her modeling activities until she makes her own agency or finds a label that gives her the freedom she wants.
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  10. Good job, Seohyunnie, I should probably watch something with her eventually.
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  11. Do they any tour DVDs worth getting?
  12. There are amazing moments from all of their Japanese concert DVDs.
    They're also very well shot and edited. Not an easy thing to do the way Soshi uses practically the entire room for some of their songs like You-aholic or Great Escape or the last sets when they're more freeform and emotional.
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  13. All of them. They don't have bad tours.
  14. My 30 GB collection of their tour DVDs is honestly the best thing that I found in K-Pop world.
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  15. The only gripe I would have with their DVDs is the excessive amount of playback. It's a bit the same with Perfume, like the shows are amazing and wonderful to watch, but I wish I heard more live vocals.
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  16. I’m please Seo has her long hair back. She diddnt look right with it being short. She also kinda looks like Sunmi in them pictures?
  17. That's cool! I love the first season.
    I envy Hyori so much.