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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. They were a 9-member group for 7 years though.
    But I get it. They've all moved on, Jessica included, so whatever.
  2. He


    I wonder if they are friends at all?

    Would be nice to them all together at some point.
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  3. Moaning about Jessica is very 3 years ago. The woman is happy with her career, the current line-up of SNSD are happy together. Get over it.
  4. Why do people get so SALTY at the mere mention of Jessica? It would be nice to see them all together, calm down .
  5. I personally have no problem with people discussing Jessica here, but others might not like it and it's understandable - it's still a sensitive topic, she's not a member anymore and her departure created a "me vs. them" dynamic. Plus the fact that some of her supporters don't really support SNSD anymore.


    Looks like Tiffany hasn't completely cut ties with korean entertainment because she posted some Instagram stories and she's doing a magazine cover soon. And it looks like the girls got together at her apartment.
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  6. Because we were happy to see all the girls together but someone quoted me and threw shade at what at said.

    I would explain more but you're probably saying this because you're bitter I dragged your friend in another thread. So I won't waste my time on you.
  7. Or you could just chill the fuck out in general and not go off at every little thing. No one was "throwing shade" you were just being oddly hypersensitive as per usual.
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  8. You guys can't chill the fuck off when we're happy about something so why should I stay quiet?

    Anyway I'm done with you. Good luck waiting for Jessica to come back or maybe go stan for your fave groups that died like 4 years ago.
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  9. Jesusicca.

    I was not throwing shade, guys.
    It was a lighthearted comment about the whole situation.

    Jessica was part of the group for a long time, contributed to the early and most important success of the group and was one of the most popular member of the group.

    Everyone wanted five Spice Girls when they would announce a come back, not any less. Hell, even when The Pussycat Dolls talked about a reunion, all the fans wanted Carmit to be included.
    It’s just the same with these girls as well. Don’t act like we’re acting weird or out of place.

    I’ve supported SNSD for the longest time, whether OT9, OT8 or their music-related solo activities. So I’ll keep doing that here, and that will include Jessica stanning amongst other things.

  10. Scream
  11. Oh, it's lit up in here.
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  12. Let’s bring it back to 201:40

    Pre-September obvi
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  13. Hun, you can't make lighthearted comments about anything anymore.

    I made jokes about Jessica a few months ago and was hounded by the hyper-sensitive crew proclaiming I was being misogynistic.
  14. you talking about this "joke"?

    or this one?

    or was there another "joke" i've missed, 'cause you actually weren't "hounded" by anyone for making either of these "jokes". you got about two minutes of attention despite deliberately trying to stir up drama, and none of the replies called you misogynistic. i think you're the hyper-sensitive one here, hun.
  15. Hyoyeon and Miss Terry are incredible...
    She's the actual queen of the group as far as I'm concerned...
    Among the group members who seems to be the most liked???
    It's hard to tell how genuine the friendships are with their media training, but I always got the impression that Sunny is happiest doing her own thing (but I guess that doesn't necessarily mean she dislikes her group mates)...
  16. Among the members? I would say Seohyun and Hyoyeon.
    Sunny seems to have gone through a rough patch in 2014-2015 but now she seems much happier.
  17. Wasn't Sunny unhappy because she was in pain from her knee injury? Or was her injury more recent?
  18. Yep it was knee and rib injuries.
  19. It seemed to me that Sunny was the one who struggled with Jessica's departure the most. That and feeling overworked. The break between Lion Heart and Holiday Night did her the world of good.