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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I think they all are really close, which is the case with most of SM groups, they really make sure the bonds between the members are really tight and that they stay that way for years to come. The girls really enjoy eachothers company a lot. Sunny really loves them, she's just that type of person that is bit more reserved and enjoys time alone as well(I mean naturally EVERYONE does) and after 10 years everyone would be happy doing some solo stuff which isn't a bad thing at all and doesn't mean she dislikes a single member even a tiny bit.
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  2. Wasn't that Yuri, as well?

    God, to be fair, in a way they were probably lowkey alright with the idea that the 10th year celebration was so lukewarm, because all the members that needed to take time off were able to do so.
  3. Coming out with a song like All Night least if their last single was a shit one I could accept it but that one really evidenced they still had it.
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  4. Yuri's injury was just prior to their latest comeback whereas I remember reading comments about Sunny having an injury earlier than that. I had another search and it turns out she also had a death in her family at the end of 2014 which would explain why she wasn't happy.
  5. 'All Night' is one of the best songs released in 2017, hands down.

    Pop gloss and glitter. So effortless as well.
  6. I think Holiday and All Night stages proved they still can perform circles around most girl groups out there. They really brought it then.

    The last Galaxy Supernova performance at SM Town Tokyo had me shook too.
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  7. Honestly I think they're all just enjoying their time together off from SNSD as a girl group at the moment and letting their agencies and legal teams worry about the logistics of Girls Generation happening in the future. I reckon having had this all blow up in the media they will go out of their way to make a comeback happen. And a good one at that.
  8. I’m ready for #SNSDBowl 2019.

    Mr Taxi
    The Boys / Mr Mr / Run Devil Run (Medley)
    Oh / Lion Heart (Medley)
    I Got A Boy
    Into The New World (Remix)
    Girls’ Generation
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  9. Stream 'Always Find You' NOW
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  10. Not until Yuri gets extensions again.
  11. Why are SNSD fans so obsessed with their hair?
  12. She looks so much better with shorter hair though
  13. I had a little moment to 'Into The New World' this morning.

    What a debut, God.
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  14. I'm not obsessed at all. I'm sorry if it came off that way, it was only a joke. Yuri has been talking about cutting her hair for months.
  15. dd no worries, I was half joking. I had flashbacks of @Salami and Sooyoung’s short hair.
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  16. We all know it looks better long.
  17. Lowkey I used to stan Sunny back in like 2012 as a part-time kpop gay cause her signature hair was iconic.

    Once I told this to someone years later and they were like "who the fuck stans Sunny??" ddd.
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  18. ddkjdhjdjjhdoirejref i can't breathe
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  19. Main vocal Sooyoung at her birthday fanmeeting.

    And here’s Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon and Seohyun getting their lives to ITNW, Gee and I Got a Boy.

    I was reading a fan account from the event and Sooyoung shared that she was very much against You Think opening the Phantasia Tour and wanted to move it to the CMIYC/Fire Alarm/The Boys etc section. And that she had to keep translating everything Rino Nakasone said to the other girls ddd.
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  20. I always wondered if the other members of the group properly learned Japanese or if they just learned it well enough to perform in Japanese...
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