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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, May 1, 2012.

  1. That was Six Feet Under finale levels of tear jerking. I love how they merged two songs.
  2. In which the girls explore Abu Dhabi.
  3. Am I the only one rooting for Marnie? I've always had a thing for her for some reason. I find her somewhat relatable in a way.
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  4. I used to find her extremely relatable, the most charming of the bunch, she was my favorite.. but then somewhere in the past few seasons I switched and realized how insufferable and selfish she is.

    Then out of all plot twists I started to relate to Hannah?

    I don't get it.
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  5. I've always related and loved Hannah best, but I also really feel for Jessa?
  6. I got SFU too. It was heartbreaking seeing them all separate...I'm glad Marnie is in the last episode at least.
  7. I kept waiting for a moment where I hope I would have changed my mind but... I wish I never would have watched this episode.
    I didn't need to see the destruction of Marnie and Hannah, or her losing herself after having Grover. This episode was very "old" Hannah. I will give props to the last scene, it was nice. I loved how they continued the breastfeeding while the credits were playing.

    Like, not to be dramatic but I'm honestly annoyed at this being the ending.
    Last week should have been the series finale, it was all the closure I needed.
  8. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Never giving the people what they want; always giving the people what they need.

    That's this show. It was a great finale, and a surprisingly happy ending for almost everyone.
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  9. That episode felt like a slog.

    I get what they wanted to do narratively but it was a little too predictable and just not deep enough.
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  10. It was very predictable. When her mother was giving her the "you can't refund the tuition, you can't block his number, this isn't a temp job" speech it was kind of like, okay, you really didn't need to spell it out for us. This was clearly the point of the episode. Then when she found the girl who ran away from home to wake her up. Like, come on. They were spoon-feeding the viewers the entire time, and after 9 flawless parts to this season that all had depth and meaning, it just seems a little insulting to revert to those ways.
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  11. I don't think we saw the destruction of Marnie and Hannah at all. I think this episode proved that even if Marnie moves away and starts a new life as a British flight attendant, she and Hannah will always be friends. I think last week was a brilliant wrap on the girls as a group, and this was like an epilogue of sorts - this has, after all, always been Hannah's story. Tonight was Hannah actually coming to terms with the next phase of her life, learning to understand her mother... and finally getting to tell Marnie to stop singing.

    I can see why some people would prefer to have wrapped last week, but I liked the finale quite a bit. I wouldn't have hated a few more laughs and maybe some other characters... but it was a sort of quiet, very purposeful episode and that worked just fine. They were wrapping all the other characters each week leading up to this, and everyone got basically the same amount of closure - which was none at all (in a good way). We may never know what becomes of Adam or Jessa or even Shosh, but we know where they all stand with Hannah and she was always the planet these characters orbited around in the narrative. I feel like this left things in a good place.
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  13. Really? I felt Hannah's mom telling Marnie that loving your best friend sometimes means letting them go, and how she [H's mom] shouldn't have spent her life with her best friend and now they've let each other go showed the 'destruction', to me at least.

    Also this episode proved to me that even when Marnie wants to dedicate her life to someone, Marnie still has to come first. Marnie sold Hannah on a life of them together, and Marnie is either looking to go out to a wine tasting to meet guys or is having secret facetime masturbation sessions where she role plays of another life. Marnie was all in until she realized it interfered with the vision of what she wants. She's so much of a control freak she had to re-wrap the baby, dictate on how Hannah feeds Grover. That's been her character.

    If this episode (or series, rather) accomplished showing anything, it was that people don't really change. Our circumstances change, but we don't. And we may fool others (and our own self re: Shosh) but growing up isn't something that happens easily.
  14. That was a lovely way to close the show.
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  15. I don't think it was bad exactly, it just wasn't really that entertaining.

    Still a super solid season. Glad I got into the show before it ended.
  16. I get what they meant by the finale coming in two versions; last week and this week.

    I thought it was important to see. I worried it would lead to more questions than answers but time passes since I watched it, it was nice.

    Hannah going fully insufferable again - well of course. And I think that's exemplified when the Police Officer takes her being a mother as an excuse for wearing no trousers or shoes. Jokey line but explains why she'd reverted somewhat. It was about showing that it took some time for her to feel like she was in control/capable. The 6 seasons I'm not sure she ever felt that.

    Anyway. One of my favourite ever TV shows. Incredibly privileged to have had it on every year of my 20's so far. It's been a bit of a gift in a lot of ways.
  17. I think this was just to show that Marnie needed to go out and live her own life, and that getting away from that kind of situation would be beneficial to the Hannah/Marnie relationship in the long run.

    Marnie inserting herself into Hannah's life in this way was a little much (and very Marnie), but I don't think there is anything wrong with her taking a bit of time for herself to go listen to some jazz or play around with an English accent. And, the thing is, from the way Hannah reacted you can tell that Marnie hasn't really gotten away from the house in those five months anyway. I think Marnie did a really nice thing for Hannah, but ultimately it isn't her responsibility and I think a bit of break from time to time is something everyone needs. I don't see Marnie needing a break every once and a while as her needing to come first at all, particularly since she was ready to sacrifice her own happiness to help Hannah because she thought it wasn't 'her time'. It's probably one of the more selfless things she's done on the show, even if she was constantly second-guessing everything Hannah was doing, but...that's Marnie, I guess.
  18. What a bizarre finale.
  19. Yeah, I completely agree with the first part. Of course she'd want her own life, and of course Hannah pressed her own needs onto Marnie over everything. It's just, isn't that kind of what Marnie signed up for though? Isn't that what Marnie sold Hannah on?

    I thought it was super shitty of Hannah to not let Marnie go to the wine tasting event, and it was invading private space when she blew in on her taking selfies to give her Grover... but at the same time, Marnie used Hannah & Grover to get out of her own situation. Marnie didn't want to live in her Mom's personal gym-converted to bedroom, she wanted a purpose, she used Hannah for that. I don't think there's *anything* selfless in that. The arrangement was never going to work, Hannah is too needy (her best friend should know this?) and Marnie is too controlling.

    Hannah said it best a few episodes ago on why this situation would never work out, something along the lines of: "I need someone to tell me what to do without actually telling me what to do."
    Marnie was never going to be that.