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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, May 1, 2012.

  1. I was definitely wrong to say it was a selfless move on Marnie's part. Her initial decision to go out and help Hannah was a way for Marnie to just get away from her own life and focus on another person's problems. Maybe even so Marnie could tell herself she was such a good friend. I do think actually committing to this kind of thing, even for a few months, would have been pretty difficult under any circumstances, and Hannah is hard work at the best of times. I thought Marnie displayed a lot of patience this episode and I can't blame her for wanting a break from time to time, especially since she seemed so willing to put her life on hold and wait for 'her turn' to be happy until Lorene set her straight.
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  2. Aw cute for them to end on a choice-y episode so we won't feel bad about it being the end.
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  3. I think back to the final montage in episode 9, where Shosh was with her fiance, Hannah and Jessa were dancing alone and occasionally goofing around with other guests, and Marnie was surrounded by a group of men. She needs someone and something constantly, and she didn't want that someone to be her mom - so she made it Hannah and Grover. Hannah was spot-on when she told Marnie off outside; Marnie imagined some cute little scenario where she went upstate and started over, but that wasn't what she was getting. I do think she was genuinely trying to be helpful in her own very-Marnie way, but she doesn't get how cold she can come off. Rather than actually trying to sympathize with Hannah over the breastfeeding dilemma, she was making her feel like she had to do it. Her singing Fast Car had me cracking the fuck up. Such a Marnie moment.

    I also think it was awful of Hannah to keep Marnie from going out without her, but that felt more like a moment of weakness and anxiety than anything malice. I think motherhood is a big adjustment for anyone, and what they showed us was Hannah's sort of peak 'I can't do this!' phase. The finale, rather than seeking closure, was saying that things will continuously get tough, nothing is certain, but these girls will be fine.

    I knew going in that Shosh and Jessa were wrapped and I had a feeling that everyone else was too, particularly Adam and Ray. A lot of the backlash I see online is people upset that the other girls + Elijah weren't in the finale, which wasn't a problem for me. The entire last season was a swan song.
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  4. The fact that she named the baby Grover. The feels. I loved the subtle touch of the "Ma'am?" scene with Hannah reacting with the millennial. It felt very full circle.

    They completely nailed this. The episode felt like the beginning of a spin-off film but one that was released say, next year, and aired on TV like what Looking did. It was just detached from the season and I liked that.
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  5. I thought that was a really lovely finale.

    I can't quite believe the show's over. I've watched it from when the pilot premiered... so it's like I've grown up watching the characters too.
  6. I have watched it since the start too although I was already ancient when it started....

    I enjoyed the finale although last weeks felt more like the emotional punch I expect from a series finale. I wonder if we will ever see these characters reunite on screen.
  7. Yeah it does feel weird thinking about where I was when I first started watching it. I can remember watching it in my first year uni halls. I can remember when Elijah first walked on and I literally screamed because he is the spit of my ex-boyf (in like 15 years).
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  8. So does this mean that Banks got the ICONIC finale song then technically?

    So happy for my girl Banks.
  9. The finale was great. The previous episode was enough closure for the friendship arc of the series. We all even said it.

    I loved how the final touched on broader themes, rather than just relationship dynamics between the girls. Motherhood, Marnie and Hannah reconnecting, Marnie reconnecting with HERSELF (one of the most tragic, insecure characters on the show) were the main ideas here. And it was better for it.

    A closely intimate and healing way to end the series.
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  11. I hated it. Doing "finale on the 9th, "spin off" on the 10th" is not a cute way to go. Your show was about those 4 ladies. How can you not have them on the fucking series finale and instead have 2 boring characters and her mom??? Lena really fucked this up. GIRLS was something so special on those first 3 seasons, it's sad to see how it ended.

    And I agree with people on the previous page, could they be ANY more predictable with that finale? "OMG, my baby hates me!! I want to quit everything" and then, boom, he loves her and roll the credits. No, m'aam. That's not GIRLS.
  12. Didn't she say somewhere that the last episode was more of an epilogue and the 9th would be more of a traditional finale? I think it's been a rather great season despite the "epilogue" finale.
  13. I was hoping so much for a "moment" with this song and then Hannah ruined it.
  14. Genuinely, though.

    If the ninth episode had been the show's finale I might have been bawling. Yas, ease me into my new post-Girls life, Lena and co.
  15. Same! She's the one I can relate the most.
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  16. It’s her journey that I’ve felt the most connected to and the most saddened by.
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  17. The last episodes were very mixed. Shosh was miswritten in the bathroom meeting, way too harsh, but it was believable and powerful at least. What wasn't believable was Hannah not knowing about the engagement party in the social media 24/7 age we live in. Girls like Hannah in the real world spend their waking hours stalking their friends' FB and insta. Come on.

    The ending was way too fairytale-nice to Hannah as well... Lena's best quality as a writer is her willingness to show the mediocre and repulsive sides of herself and her generation, but she didn't want to go there in the ending for whatever reason. The way a cushy academic gig fell into her internet-freelancing, degreeless lap—girl please. I know there are plenty of downscale colleges where someone like Hannah might be some sort of adjunct for pennies, but the deal was too sweet. In the real world someone like her would be hustling two service industry jobs, most likely. Lena really lacks self-awareness as a writer here, and I always hated how she made Marnie such an irredeemable character, it wasn't realistic IMO.

    Also the way "Phaedra" talked about the internet like it was a 1997 time warp, like, "the Internet is so important today! YOU write for the Internet!" shit. The baby was such a... distraction, such a surplus to the series as well, I felt, and such a cliche to use motherhood to signal full circle.
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  18. Bad day?
  19. I agree with a lot of this, though I still found enjoyment in it and felt it an interesting ending. I also questioned the engagement party thing - if only because a) I never phone anyone unless it's about an immediate concern then and there and b) if I did and got no response I'd simply message them like a normal person (I mean maybe she did and we didn't have to see it/whatever). But yes, Shosh is the type of person to plaster her life all over social media and Hannah would have known about it. BUT I suppose in illustrating her distanced they'd all grown, a shock like that was necessary to show (even if unrealistic).

    Has anyone else been watching the breakdowns on the official Facebook after each ep with Lena,Jenni and Judd? I found them really intriguing, if only to get a sense of what their intentions were. No answers, just some insight.
  20. I agree about Hannah's job, but I feel like the show has always done that when it came to jobs for the girls. Stuff sort of always fell into their laps.

    I don't think Hannah would necessarily need to know that an engagement party was happening. I mean, perhaps eventually a wedding but the engagement party isn't something that people would normally post a ton about in advance... afterward, sure, but not before. And it's evident that Hannah has been in her own little bubble lately, so I don't think she'd really be obsessed with checking up on Shosh. I mean, she didn't even think to tell her that she was pregnant (also something that was, evidently, not posted on any social media).

    I don't think Marnie became any more irredeemable than the other girls, either. More annoying? Yes. But they all have some pretty awful qualities, which I've always appreciated about the series. They didn't try to make us like the characters, just to understand them. They were all enjoyable at times and infuriating at others. It's true to life.

    What I liked about the ending was that it wasn't an 'ending', which I don't think they would have landed. Everything was still up in the air, and I think that was the point. Are Jessa and Adam back together? How will Hannah do at her job (she said herself that she's never succeeded at one before)? Where does Marnie go next? Does Shosh's marriage work out? Does she even get married? Does Hannah raise Grover into a little serial killer? Nothing was definite, least of all Hannah's 10th magically attained dream job of the series.
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