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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Can't believe there isn't a stand alone thread for this Oakenfold project fronted by blonde bird from the 90s group!

    I want to live was a worthy follow up but much worthier than a #30 placing. Album is no too bad either, though there was a version released in America that featured different versions and edits.

    What was the deal with the singer in Not Over Yet? Is it usual vocalist Dominique singing and in the video or is it Patti Low?
  2. CHOON!!!!
  3. Pye


    I absolutely love Grace..... 'Down To Earth' is also also worth mentioning..... is the singer still around?
  4. Apparently she was a jazz singer so she may have just gone back to that. It's a shame Oakenfold dropped the project in 1997 and that Dominique hasn't done anything with Perfecto since the Grace days.

    Also on another note- why was the Planet Perfecto re-release of Not Over Yet in 1999 not released on Perfecto (unlike following PP singles) but Code Blue?!
  5. Just been listening to the follow up to Not Over Yet - I Want To Live

    Intentional or not (the song was a cover), I love the way the songs lyrics ("I can't believe I ever said I would die for you") references the previous single ("I'd live for you, I'd die for you, do what you want me to"). Genius!
  6. Also covered by Naomi Campbell! of all people - its a Gavin Friday song I think - hence the Naomi/U2 connection, she was 'doing' one of them at one stage.
  7. Down to earth is all kinds of amazing!
  8. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    The whole album is. I love the title track.
  9. Skin on Skin was good.
  10. I loved Grace - Not Over Yet, Down to Earth and I Want to Live were all top tunes. The album was fantastic, but I wasn't best pleased that they re-recorded the vocals on Not Over Yet. I guess they just wanted the one vocalist on the album,but I far preferred the vocal on the single.

    From memory the album's release kept getting delayed. I think it appeared on the release lists four, maybe five times before it came out in October 96. I'd started to wonder if it was ever going to see the light of day!
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  11. I HATE re-recorded vocals. See also the album version of Livin' Joy's 'Dreamer' and that nails down a chalkboard re-vocalling of 'Ride on time' with SOMEONE, I don't care who, who ISN'T Loletta Holloway.
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  12. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Yeah, but that was a legal thing rather than just re-recording for the hell of it. They even changed the vocals while the song was still in the charts I seem to remember, and the singles had to be re-pressed with "(Remix)" in the title.
  13. What parts did Dominique actual;ly sing on the 1995 version of Not Over Yet. Apparently she had been called in to do the vocals on NOY back in 1993 when the project was titled State of Grace so I dont get why she wouldnt do all the vocals on the 1995 release if she was then going to front the band. Is it her in the video?
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  14. My guess - listening to the album version and the single version - is that Dominique sings backing vocals on the chorus and then sings the 'oooooohhh - yeaheheheh' (ahem) parts, and that Patti Lowe (if that was her name) sings the verses on the single. Dominique then - I think - sings all the vocals on the album version. It's hard to be 100% definite, but the vocals on the verses are totally different between the album and single version. I don't think it is Dominique in the videeo, but I seem to remember in the Paul Oakenfold biography he praised Dominique for working hard to promote the single once it was released.
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  15. I wonder why then for the 1999 re-release they didnt just use the version with Dominiques vocals seen as though she 'was' Grace. Though I dont think Dominique had any involvement with it... and im still bemused as to why it came out on Code Blue and not Perfecto....
  16. I'm not certain what vocals are used on the '99 re-release, as I never bothered to invest in it - certainly on the 1996 USA issue the vocals are a mixture of the original and the re-recorded; the radio edit is a further edit using the original vocals, but the Danny Tenaglia mixes use the re-recorded Dominique vocals.

    This explains why the re-record happened, but I'm still in the dark about the background to the '99 release....
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  17. The '99 mix was the original vocals- may be the edit you were referring to (the first verse is repeated).

    Do you have the album that got released in America? Features a rare radio edit of the 99 Matt Darey remix
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  18. I don't have the US edition of the album, but I do have the lovely US CD maxi of Not Over Yet.

    I've just pulled my singles out so I can get this right:

    Not Over Yet UK 95 release
    1) Perfecto Edit (4.20, repeats first verse) (Patti and Dominique vocals)

    Not Over Yet USA 96 release
    1) Radio Edit (3.41) (mislabeled on sleeve as 4.20, but doesn't repeat first verse) (Patti and Dominique vocals) - I always thought this was the edit used in the '99 UK release, but I could well be wrong.

    Not Over Yet (If I Could Fly UK album mix)
    1) Dominique only vocals - 6.02

    Would love to get my hands on the US CD but after the struggle to get my claws on the UK version I think it's a fight I'm likely to lose!
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  19. Having just got the album I was a little disappointed in the version of 'Not Over Yet', but only because all the ad libs are missing in the final choruses.

    I was MORE disappointed to see that 'I Want To Live' had all the marvellous "doo doo doo, doo doo doo" bits removed. I wonder why that was?

    My favourite track is still 'Hand In Hand'.
  20. Does anyone have the radio edit for Down to Earth and You're Not mIne?