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Hailee Steinfeld ...stuff

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Capital Letters is massive, she never fails
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  2. It's so bland and lifeless....and yet, I bop.
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  3. She sounds like she recorded it just after being attacked by a dementor...
    Being this said, this is the lifeless bop I didn't know I needed
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  4. This song is flawless.I see what people say about it sounding lifeless compared to Starving or I love myself but still it's a tune.
  5. Capital Letters is fucking massive. The production is incredible!
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  6. Capital Letters is a giant BOP. Hailegend always wins.
  7. RJF


    Her career... infuriates me. It's not even like she seems to be releasing singles with the hopes of putting an album out. There doesn't seem to be any kind of goal. Is she just doing this for fun in between... whatever the fuck it is she actually does full-time? I don't get it.
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  8. Is her acting career interfering with her putting out an album or even another EP? So many flops have released albums without actual hits and Hailee actually has a couple to her name now.
  9. There doesn't seem to be a movie she's recording this year. Her Pitch Perfect promo should be over soon and her only confirmed release of the year isn't until December.
  10. I do wonder how her label is making money off all this.
  11. I don't think there is a goal other than to release fun semi-hits every now & then. She's just building a brand to keep herself relevant, whether its through the occasional film or song. Don't think there's more thought to it than that. Wouldn't surprise me if she also decided to do college at the same time too.
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  12. I'm waiting for an album. Maybe it takes some time... but I think we'll have it.

    She's just waiting to have a big hit so that she can release an album with some guarantees...
  13. Wish she'd perform like that to her own music.
  14. Her aimlessness would bother me if we didn’t already know that she’s 100% an ultra-A&R-ed, “here, take this song and sing it” popstar. Like, what would she really say on a full length? I feel like that just invites the opportunity for it to all go a little Selena 2017 with an “album campaign” clinging at straws to make her into something she isn’t.

    Give me the occasional bop and movie role and let the sis live her good life.
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  15. It's like a reverse Rita expedition where the pop game is just a side venture to her acting.
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  16. I think she would give more to it if it was more successful but for it to be more successful, she needs to promote a bit more.

    Otherwise, what is the point?

    Not that I don't appreciate her bops though.