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Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
    out June 2nd

    Now Or Never - Written by Halsey, Produced by Benny Blanco & Cashmere Cat

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  2. I quite love the lyrics of Ghost, particularly:

    "You're a Rolling Stone boy
    Never sleep alone boy
    Got a million numbers
    And they're filling up your phone, boy.
    I'm off the deep end, sleeping
    All night through the weekend.
    Saying that I love him but
    I know I'm gonna leave him."

    She has a very pretty voice. I hope the album can manage to keep me interested.
  3. Can this be merged with the thread I started yonks ago?
  4. Quite incredible really how she's managed to get this far with literally zero original ideas.
  5. Ouch.

    It hurts because it's true.
  6. Hurricane is a bop. And I usually hate "moody" shit.
  7. Oh great other unoriginal try-hard scene kid with a dumb name and zero personality!

    You will never be Lorde.
  8. We will never be Lorde-yals.
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  9. Well I like her!
  10. Not even I like her.
  11. Is this a self-drag?
  12. I like her too.
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  13. Finally song from here that I actually like and can listen....all here previous things didn't had a melody.
    And btw long hair suits her better.
  14. Who needs her when Melanie Martinez already exists and is much better and more convincing at being "fashionably weird" anyways?
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  15. I'm a bit surprised there aren't more replies for her album, especially considering it comes out later this month. Anyway, I love "Is There Somewhere" and "Empty Gold" a lot.
  16. Just when Halsey couldn't get any worse, a choir!
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  17. Well everyone seems to hate her here, which surprises me.
  18. I don't mind her, honestly. New Americana uses the same sample Tamar's The One does, and reminding me of The One is never a bad thing.
  19. I like the songs, but I'm pretty sure I'll get bored by the album unless she shakes things up a bit.