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Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. This thread... won't last till "2/6".
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  2. Al least this thread delivers the goods unlike the new song.
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  3. If "the goods" is personal attacks, then yeah, it really does.

    Play nice, everyone.
  4. Do not put this energy out there!!!

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  5. I'm more surprised that there are still people who only pay attention to songs in the Top 10 on Billboard.
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  6. RJF


    I... don't even think she can qualify for the admittedly formless Big Pop Girl criteria? Her success takes such a weird shape. Outside of "Closer", she doesn't really have a single mega hit to her name, but plenty of her singles have been slow burners with sales in America, Badlands is Platinum and from what I can gather she was at least touring theatres internationally which isn't bad going at all... but it feels more like the work of an insulated but sizeable fanbase rather than someone with industry and media clout. It's strange. I don't feel like I've heard of her. Does that make sense?
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  7. I hate that Halsey is able to release a second album while MØ's second album is stuck in limbo.
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  8. At least she has one album out.

    *Cries in Duolingo*
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  10. RMK


    *Yawns* It's not a race issue. Can we not?
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  11. Do we really need 15 Final Song retreads though? I'm more perched for the Charli album that we'll never get.
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  12. Are we sure Mø's album isn't coming because of it being stuck in limbo? I just thought she was touring too much and therefore "forgot" about the record for a while.
    Also, Im surprised that Halsey's second offering arrives not even 2 years after the first one. Idk why, I just expected her to take her time and deliver something remotely interesting. Re-listening to "Now or Never" shows that she should have really taken that path.
  13. I don't really keep up with MØ so one of her stans can correct me, but it seems like they've been trying to launch her into being a huge pop star off the back of Lean On, Final Song & Cold Water and it's just taking a while. Drum didn't exactly light the charts on fire but that Snakeships collab seems to be doing well so there's that.
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  14. You're like two pages and a few hours late. Everyone has moved on.
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  15. Oh gosh don't remind me of that atrocity named "Drum". That song was a mess and whoever decided to release that as the follow-up to the holy "Final Song" should be fired asap. I saw her live back in October and she played a lot of amazing unreleased songs. All of them better than "Drum".
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  16. You've heard one song?
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  17. She seems like a nice girl but as an artist she's the aural and visual equivalent of backwash. So incredibly unoriginal.
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  18. Imagine thinking this.
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  19. Well considering who this thread is about I would say the situation is very fitting.
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  20. I’m ready to cut for the few songs on WeTransfer, let alone the album.