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Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Sia and The Weeknd are on the album.
  2. The Weeknd?!?!
  3. Those features...
  4. So this is a proper pop star album then.
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  6. This feels appropriate

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  7. Migos? Yaaas alienate the gays!

    Isn't she bisexual? Errr
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  8. Acrílico Del Rey.
  9. I'd link the pretends to be shocked gif, but I can't find the energy to do so.
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  10. I mean she's also biracial but someone posted a photo 2 pages back with her and Machine Gun Kelly.

    Also those features and her attempting a proper pop star album is not shocking..?
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  11. Sia? Between her inability to enunciate and Ashley's inability to control her vocals, this should be a kii
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  12. The audio for this track already leaked.

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  13. Boy, this is the album where she/the label are really gonna go for the hard sell, isn't it?
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  14. Apparently The Weeknd and Sia only helped write, no features.

    She didn't clarify on Migos though.
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  15. "Just songs we wrote together because we thought it would be fun"

    Queen of spontaneity.
  16. RMK


    Doesn't feel like it.
  17. Here's the full writing credits:

    01. Halsey, Lido & Chris Braide [Intro*]
    02. Halsey & Ricky Reed
    03. Halsey, The Weeknd, Benny Blanco, Happy Perez, and Cashmere Cat
    04. Halsey & Greg Kurstin
    05. Halsey, Ricky Reed, Dan Wilson, Josh Carter & Anthony Hester
    06. NOW OR NEVER - Halsey, Starrah, Benny Blanco, Happy Perez, and Cashmere Cat
    07. Greg Kurstin & Halsey
    08. Halsey & Lido [Interlude*]
    09. Halsey, Quavo, & Lido
    10. Halsey & Lido [Interlude*]
    11. Halsey, Ricky Reed, Justin Tranter & Roget Chahayed
    12. Halsey & Lido
    13. Halsey & Greg Kurstin
    14. Halsey & Greg Kurstin
    15. Halsey, Sia & Greg Kurstin
    16. Halsey, Benny Blanco, Ammo, and Cashmere Cat

    * - Assumed to be an intro and interlude by length.

    Abel & Sia are just co-writes, no clue if Quavo raps on the song he wrote on or not.

    There's a track called Hopeless that will probably serve as the title track.
    She's tweeted/revealed lyrics from it in bits:

    I hope hopeless is just a state of mind
    I hope hopeless changes over time
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  18. Is that Josh Carter from Phantogram or someone else?
  19. The credits make me thirsty for this. Hell yes for her working with Greg, Justin, Benny and Cashmere Cat!
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