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Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. I wonder if Ricky Reed has discovered low-end in the last year.
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  2. Lido all over, that's interesting.
  3. Mostly the interludes. Probably just voice memos
  4. Of course. SIGH.
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  5. RJF


    I love when fans DM the artist for info but provide some sycophantic padding as if it'll grease the wheels and make them spill their secrets.

    "Omg this fan art is amazing isn't it ur so inspirational zippyshare link to the album queen???"

    Mind you, it obviously worked.
  6. Hm I just listened to Now Or Never and that's......... less unpleasant than I thought it'd be.
  7. I was about to get excited for Greg being involved, and then I remembered his recent work with Sia. Bye.
  8. x
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  9. Now Or Never debuted at 36 on top 40 so it's already her second biggest radio song
  10. It also starts at #6 on the Bubbling Under chart so it's poised for a good debut.
  11. Is this a good debut? I totally don't understand the charts anymore.
  12. I mean...

    "It's already her highest-charting solo song."?
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  13. Forgive me for trying to engage.
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  14. Yes, but...... at #50? Like she never had a solo single chart higher than....#50?
    And I don't even mean to be shady. Really I always pictured her as "quite successful" in her own right, singles included, not just album-wise.

    A quick look at her Wikipedia page and I guess not...

    Is she a good streaming force then?
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  15. Yeah, Badlands has around 700M streams.
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  16. She released on a Tuesday as well so it's only 4 days off sales/streams I believe.
  17. Now Or Never is now her first Top 20 on pop radio.
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  18. Awesome news!!
  19. Now or Never sounded excellent on the radio yesterday.
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