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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Watched The Windmill Massacre last night. Obviously with a title like that I wasn't expecting a masterpiece but what a bucket of arse gravy
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  2. Yeah that sucked ass.
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  3. Russian horror flick getting a UK release on May 4th. I like the idea behind it.
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  4. Aww, shame. I was looking forward to it based on the iconic tagline "This Isn't Hell. This Is Holland!"
  5. Watch Reeker instead. Same basic idea.
  6. I watched Viral yesterday and thought it was a pretty poor replica of many similar films that came before it. It also really pissed me off that despite it being called 'Viral' it was about parasitic worms, which are not and can not be viruses! The writers need to revisit their basic biology.

    I also watched 'We need to talk about Kevin'. It was pretty obvious how it was going to turn out but the ending
    killing his Dad and little sister
    was brutal.
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  7. It's an easy watch, but so are all the Friday's, it just doesn't stack up well with the rest, and the kills are so lame and cut, apart from the boxers decapitation, which rocks.
  8. I jumped out of my skin at the opening eyes part even though I saw it coming which is pretty rare for me with horror films these days. I like the look of it.
  9. Has anyone seen this? I want to check it out coz my girl Shannens in it.

  10. Don't bother.... I love Shannen but no. Wait for something better.
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  11. Not a horror movie although it has some very tense moments but I watched 'Personal Shopper' yesterday and I liked it! Kristen is amazing.
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  12. I did the first three Elm Streets and the remake this week.

    The remake almost works at several points, but they screwed up trying to recreate perfection when they should've done a side-quel, 'other' victims of Freddy going on alongside the main storyline. The worst aspect is how dispossessed the teens seem to be about their impending deaths, they're like "whatever man, let's just brood about it, yeah?"
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  13. I hate the Elm Street remake. I like Katie Cassidy but even having an actress I like can't save it from the pits of hell.
  14. Of Katie's 3 horror remakes, I like Black Christmas the most. She's underutilized in the quite-good When A Stranger Calls, and the only great thing about the Nightmare one. I did let out an ear-piercing scream in the theaters when the guy gets it in the jail. I've only done that two other times in my life!
  15. When a Stranger Calls was odd, because they telegraph the 'twist' during the opening credits scene, and then expect us to be all "OHMYGODTHECALLSARECOMINGFROMINSIDETHEHOUSE!!!11!ONE!11" 75 minutes later.
  16. I quite like how they took the well known tale and stretched it into a cat and mouse game like they did. I'd say its 90% effective and tense.
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  17. I love When a Stranger Calls. I'd have to agree and say that it is very tense and gives the viewer little room to escape the narrative.

    While I've only seen the originals a long time ago (and mainly in chunks) to the Freddy/Jason movies I watched the remakes which I said I was going to do years ago but I mean to sum them up they were boring as fuck. I loved the approach to the new Nightmare but it felt like a dragged out short story than it did a horror movie, hopping around from different characters creating messy sequences. I liked that they tried to give a different backstory and made him more detestable. The final 2 weren't that great, and as much as I wanted it to scare me, it did not. Friday the 13th was enjoyable, but I felt like there weren't that many suspenseful moments that made you jump. Good amount of kills though.

    I did start watching with Freddy VS Jason but they just shouldn't have done that.
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  18. But Freddy Vs Jason is much more fun than any of the slasher remakes that aren't Hills Have Eyes (not really a slasher) or Texas Chainsaw Massacre..
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  19. I've watched Trier's Antichrist.My brain,it hurts but one thing for sure he was the "antichrist" of the situation.
  20. I watched The Void earlier this week and I was truly disturbed. The old school effects reminded me so much of The Thing.