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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  2. George A Romero has sadly passed away.

    The original Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead have both aged quite poorly unfortunately, I think both of them were actually made better by their remakes. You can't argue with the impact the originals had though.
  3. Oh no. I always liked his films, especially Martin.
  4. Day of the Dead remains underrated and excellent. It's my favorite film of his. It even spawned a meme! Also, that scene where all of the Dead descend from the giant lift...horrifying!

    He essentially invented an entire facet of pop culture with the modern incarnation of the zombie in Night of the Living Dead.


    Diary of the Dead remains horrible though, Ddd.
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  5. I like the remakes but still liked the originals, especially 'Dawn Of Dead'. His 70s films were fairly unique, he definitely had his own style then.

    We've lost Craven, now Romero. Somebody wrap 'Carpenter' in cotton wool.
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  6. Romero's Night of the Living Dead is one of the best movies ever made, let alone one of the best horror films. Superbly crafted. He's such an icon. Guess I know what I'm watching tonight.
  7. So true. He really was the godfather of the zombie genre. Very sad indeed. I saw some articles about a new project he was working on just the other day, so seeing the news was a shock. He's left a pretty great legacy and contribution to horror and pop culture.
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  8. The man was a chainsmoker so im honestly surprised he'd gotten this far. I'll always love his work, and he's left such an impact. He'll be missed.
  9. Sad news, he was a horror legend.
  10. George A. Romero was such a fucking legend and down to earth cool guy. I only ever heard amazing stories about him and how he would help his local film, make up, effects, crew people. I saw him in person once and he was so humble. I'm so sad.

    In honor of George, who inspired me with his zombies. . .
    2010-10-17 00.05.01.jpg
  11. I actually thought he'd already died some time ago.

    Wes Craven's death was the worst for me. John Carpenter needs to hang in to fix Halloween.
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  12. Yeah Wes dying hit me hard both because he had shaped my love of horror with Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street and because he seemed like such a nice man. However, George Romero was also a master and an extremely influential director whose work will be remembered. RIP to him.
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  13. Yes, me too!

    Still it's another legend gone.
  14. Totally. I think filming starts in a couple of months and he has been working, mainly on his music, for the last few years. I doubt we'll ever get another film directed by him now, which is shame as his last film 'The Ward' was not his strongest in my opinion.

    I hope they do go back to bare bones in the new Halloween film and make it somewhat scary.
  15. R.I.P. George A. Romero

    I'm intrigued about the new Halloween film. David Gordon Green has directed some great films (Prince Avalanche, All the Real Girls, Undertow) but I'm not sure what to make of Danny McBride's involvement. At least the project has the seal of approval from John Carpenter. I just hope the new Michael Myers is an improvement on the Rob Zombie one. He looked like Hagrid from Harry Potter.
  16. Carpenter thought Zombie was a hack so I imagine quite a severe re-working is on the cards. I expect it will retcon everything after 1981 (and possibly H20). The series is a right mess now.
  17. Yes, I really like H20, with that post 'Scream' feel to it. I first saw at a special screening in London as someone I worked with got tickets but didn't fancy it.

    I wonder if Jamie Lee would come back for the new one, I know she was killed off in 8 but this new will ignore everything after 2. Although she might be a little pissed off, as Carpenter wouldn't have anything to do with it at the time but now he is involved.

    With 'Halloween' being my favourite film of all time, I know a lot of people will be surprised to know I didn't mind the remake, even it's sequel was OK until it started to go all weird in the middle. I know I am in a minority, but it was some of Rob Zombie's best work since his first 2. His latter films have gone totally off for me.

    I am getting a little scared as it get's closer to the production of the new 'Halloween', as they shut down the 'Friday The 13th' 2nd reboot during post production.
  18. Halloween (original) and H20 are in my Top 10 films of all times. Both so fucking incredible, I don't care what anyone thinks about H20 being too much like Scream (not you @Anjoel40 - many on other message boards have been vocal about it being Dawson Creek/Scream lite). A genuinely creep Michael again (sorry 4-6, but this one felt a lot more dark/sinister), Jamie Lee taking the reigns ("MICHAELLLLLL!!!"), the Psycho nods, Jodi Lynn's death sequence, the well done nods to the original (Lori talking about her friends, the nurse in the opening), and most of all the really effective portrayal of PTSD. I feel it could have used one more death (maybe LL Cool J doesn't survive? Or Michelle Williams).
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  19. LL Cool J should've died, same with Deep Blue Sea. He must have a contract that says he can't be killed off. As much as I love Michelle Williams she could've died too as she'll never be back for a sequel. The death count is the only weakness for the film but it is a great Halloween film. Shame Resurrection screwed it up.
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  20. Yes, that's my feeling too. LL Cool J should have bought it, especially after he then survived in 'Deep Blue Sea' too.

    I also thought Jamie's Lee's acting in H20 was brilliant. Her sarcastic undertone of 'I have been through this shit enough to beat me'. It was like in the original 'Halloween', she had a natural talent for demanding screen time through sheer acting talent alone. I don't mean Streep like, more Sigourney in 'Alien'.
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