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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Yes, it hope knowing Jamie Lee was in it, only to add another rapper, who was even more annoying (along with Tyra Banks). It sort of ruined what H2O was about. That was a waste of the money I paid to see at the Cinema.
  2. Totally, I hate that mocking those who love 'Scream' as not true horror fans and that it was beneath them. That kind of snobbism is a misfire in the Horror film genre.
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  3. Resurrection is a mess, make no mistake, but I do enjoy it as a trashy little romp. It, Part 5, and 6 are essential to my yearly marathon during Halloween, though all three are hugely flawed. 1, 4, and H20 are really great horror flicks. 2 and 3 are solid, I watch them regularly. The Zombie films are two of the worst things I have ever watched. I never came that close to walking out of a movie. Every ounce of hope and excitement just slowly crushed. I didn't like Devil's Rejects or 1000 Corpses, but I didn't hate them. Same cannot be said for his entries into the Halloween franchise.
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  4. I love House of 1000 Corpses. What a deliciously weird flick.

    Also, has anyone watched The Lords of Salem? Another Rob Zombie flick. I actually really liked it.
  5. I like House of 1000's corpses & sequel 'The Devil Rejects'. I wasn't so keen on 'Lords Of Salem', it was very atmospheric, which was good but overall I was unsatisfied. '31' however didn't work for me. I quite like his gritty, improvised feel to his films, but '31' was his worst to date. It was like he took bits from some of the 70s/80s horrors and tried to make them into a film. The overuse of heavy metal grunge aspect begins to grate after a while.
  6. I found the build up before Michael Myers escaped the asylum fairly annoying and Malcolm McDowell got on my nerves a bit, but I actually quite enjoyed it once it got to Michael stalking the girls. It was very violent, yes, which is not normally my bag. We already had the original, so a different approach was needed. I was also glad it didn't go the route of the totally lame 'The Fog' remake, which ended up like a SyFy Channel horror movie.
  7. The remake of the Fog is one of the WORST films ever made. I almost never leave a film during a screening but I struggled with that one. The original is one of my favourite horror films – very atmospheric and scary. The remake was – I don't even know what that was.

    The Zombie reboot of Halloween wasn't a bad film but I don't think Scout Taylor Compton is a very strong actress. I also found it a bit uncomfortable with Danielle Harris' character being dragged around bloody and topless by Michael, knowing that Harris played Jamie. It just added to the grimness.
  8. I have a bit of 'Thing' for 70s/80s carpenter films. The Fog is one of my favourites too, but the remake was when they tried to make horror's PG 13 (like they say in the US), and took all the scare and fun away. If I wanted to watch 'Casper' I would have done. I don't want remakes of great horror to be aimed at kids in secondary school.

    I found that uncomfortable too, but it was like Rob Zombie saying, I am not gonna sugar coat this, you'll get the full whack.
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  9. Basically me. Though, in terms of respecting the plot (such as it is) I view it as 1, 2, and "H20" as the definitive trilogy based around Laurie with Michael being killed off for real at the end, and 4 as an outlier surprisingly strong sequel. I maintain that "H20" was wise to retcon the Cult stuff and streamline it to focus on the original two films, and it benefited from the glossy production values slasher flicks were accustomed to at the time. 10/15 mins longer with a couple more kills in the middle would've been ideal, but otherwise I love it.

    Not specifically related to the "Halloween" franchise but I've noticed there seems to be a fair bit of snobbery regarding the 90s slasher renaissance period as a whole, amongst a lot of fans of the slasher sub-genre. Misguided, in my opinion, but hey ho.
    2 was my first 18 at the cinema, which I saw on Halloween night no less, at a late-ish screening. Genuinely the first time I've walked out of a cinema feeling like I'd been ripped off. I saw it with a friend who's not a big horror buff, as well; God knows what she thought of it. Utter trash.
  10. Any of y'all ever seen Fulci's Zombi 2. I've obviously been on a zombie film kick since yesterday, and I think Fulci's film is one of the best to be inspired by Romero. The shark vs zombie scene! The splinter in the eye! ZOMG.
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  11. I have the Blu Ray but not watched it yet. I am gonna watch Fulci's rekut of 'Dawn Of The Dead' on the Arrow Blu Ray Special Edition, which is called. 'Zombi 1', first. It has taken until I got older to appreciate his films, I never had the patience to enjoy them when I was a kid.
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  12. BTG


    The only thing that lets H20 down is the painfully slight body count. Whilst I appreciate they didn't want to overdo it, it could've done with another couple of key set piece deaths.
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  13. I have a wonderful DVD collection that includes three different cuts of Dawn of the Dead. I'll have to upgrade to Blu-ray at some point, but I love the Ultimate Edition.
  14. Carpenter is a fave of mine, too. 1978 to 1984 is one of my favourite runs for a director – Halloween, The Thing, Escape from New York, The Thing, Starman. Carpenter at his peak was such a visionary.

    The Thing, of course, is amazing. I think I have three or four different editions on DVD and Blu-ray (one of the original DVDs has Ennio Morriccone's isolated score which is great since the original CD pressing is out of print).
  15. So good you had it in there twice.
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  16. The love for 'The Thing' crashed Arrow Films Website this weekend when the Limited Edition Blu Ray went live for pre-orders with a limited run. They sold out in minutes and have to repress more.
  17. What? Wow, I didn't even know about this. But makes sense it would sell out. I bought the Shout Factory Blu-ray already so I think I am good for The Thing.

    I wish the soundtrack would be reissued.
  18. Mine too. But I go up to 'Prince Of Darkness' & 'They Live'. I love them too.
  19. I spoke to Arrow personally and asked if they could try and get the soundtrack included with the Special Edition, when they announced it was happening. They were unable to secure it. They have started to add soundtracks to a couple of their obscure releases, but not this.
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  20. That would have been amazing. Maybe a label like Intrada or La La Land or Quartet will reissue it.

    Last year, I was in a thrift shop and found the CD case and opened it up to find... no CD. I was devastated.