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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Any excuse for a good hard rank:

    Part 2
    1980 original
    Jason Lives
    2009 reboot
    The New Blood
    Part III
    A New Beginning
    Freddy vs Jason
    The Final Chapter
    Jason Takes Manhattan
    Jason Goes to Hell
    Jason X
  2. My ranking:

    The Final Chapter
    Part 2
    Jason Lives
    Jason X
    Jason Takes Manhattan
    Freddy vs Jason
    The New Blood
    Part III
    A New Beginning
    Jason Goes to Hell
  3. Original
    Part 3
    Part 2
    Part 6
    Part 4
    Part 7
    *BIG DROP*
    Freddy vs Jason
    Part 8
    Part 5
  4. Uno


    I haven't seen them all enough times to differentiate them based off memory, but y'all are ranking Jason X too damn low! It's such good campy fun.

    The ice death is possibly the best kill on the entire series - definitely at least Top 3.
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  5. Jason Takes Manhattan was the first Friday film I ever saw, so it has a place in my heart despite it being absolute garbage.
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  6. 7



    The endless void of intergalactic space

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  7. Twinsies! Me too. It was the only one they ever played on regular TV due to the entire lack of blood. Even my bottom ranked is a solid 6 out of 10.
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  8. I read that too.
  9. Y'all inspired me to go see A Quiet Place and I have to say I don't regret it one bit. The effects were really something. I had the pleasure of being one third of the entire audience, which made the sounds even more chilling.
    They showed trailers for Ghostland, Hereditary, The Lodgers, and Truth Or Dare before. The former two looked like trashy fun and vaguely intriguing stuff, respectively. The latter two basically summed up entire plots so I'm glad to have already seen The Lodgers .
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  10. Truth or Dare looks closer in quality to Wish Upon than it does Final Destination, so that'll have to wait.
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  11. Jason X is a god damn masterpiece.

    Happy Friday the 13th!
  12. I thought the Friday the 13th remake was ok, but I remember seeing some of the originals when I was younger and just thought they were absolute trash.

    I think I got spoilt with Halloween, which was the first ever horror film I watched.
  13. 1) "Part VI: Jason Lives"
    2) "Friday the 13th"
    3) "Part 2"
    4) "Part III"
    5) "Jason X" (because it's so completely ridiculous it swings round from being bad to enjoyable in a WTF were they thinking way)
    6) "Freddy vs Jason" (the novelty, and the actual fights were genuinely good)
    The rest lie at the bottom of Crystal Lake, only unlike Jason they won't be coming back.

    Reminder that "Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle" is out now - except on the UK's GooglePlay store because it's telling me that it's 'Not Available in Your Country' so I am not a happy camper. Hopefully it's just a regional release delay or something... EDIT: It must've been this, because it's available now. Looking forward to playing.
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  14. I saw it tonight (What? A new movie starring Lucy Hale? Don't care how tired or hungry I am, I MUST SEE IT AFTER WORK) and it was fairly good.

    For most of it, it's like a pretty good Final Destination-type horror....and then the shitty "twist" ending makes me like it less. I was going to give it 8/10 but the last 30 seconds drops it to a 6.5 for me.
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  15. Just been to see A Quiet Place. Super intense and brilliant acting, really enjoyed it
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  16. I watched this again tonight and I really hope the new one this year has a moment as iconic as when Laurie and Michael come face to face through the circular window. Because CHILLS every time.
  17. I absolutely love H20 and will always defend it from people who slate it. And yes, those last 20 minutes are incredible. That final shot of Laurie standing their with the axe when the original music kicks in will stay with me forever.

    I'm expecting the new film to follow the same pattern that this and the first film did with the last act being a showdown between Michael and Laurie. One thing I'm really intrigued about, since this is a new timeline, is how different Laurie will be from the version in H20.
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  18. It looks at least she will resemble physically the original Laurie than H20, where she had that short crop that JLC rocks so well.