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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I have a feeling she's going to be a bit more introverted/mellow (at least outwardly) than she was in H20.
  2. I thought she had the long hair in the promo pics I saw? Unless that was just for media promo and not on the actual set.
  3. I think Laurie is going to be more mellow and not defined by Halloween ‘78 like H20 Laurie was, ‘98 Laurie was terrified because she was attacked in the original, then stalked again and attacked in the hospital then to find out Michael Myers was her brother.

    In the new timeline, Laurie was attacked for 20 minutes by an intruder and yes while that would be traumatic along with losing two friends, I definetly think it’s something you could resolve within yourself and put behind you to have a normal, carefree life in a way H20 Laurie could not.
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  4. As long as she hasn’t been writing self help books for forty years!
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  5. Yes, that's what I said. She looks like the original Laurie not the H20 one.
  6. Oops. I must be tired, ignore me.
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  7. Kind of depressing seeing on Facebook that on this day in 2011 I was off to watch Scream 4 and so friggin excited.
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  8. I dragged my whole family into the (mostly empty) cinema with me.
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  9. Scream 4 is great though. Wes Craven’s clear disdain for teenagers makes it an absolute...scream.
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  10. So fucking annoying that studios still never learn to just leave the experts to do it and fucked over Kevin Williamson thus costing us a potential ‘Scream 5’ and ‘6’.

    What could have been....
  11. I loved Scream 4 regardless and saw it twice at the cinema.

    On a side note I watched A Quiet Place earlier and although I liked it a lot I didn't love it as much as I'd expected. It felt quite restrained considering they could have really gone for it a bit more with some of the scares.
  12. Just back from seeing Ghost Stories. Such brilliant little ‘look again’ creepy touches in the corners of the screen. And unexplained moments that linger (the parents in the kitchen with the running tap was surprisingly eerie). Having seen the stage version ages ago, I’m glad it wasn’t a complete retread either.
  13. Uno


    I’ve never heard of Ghost Stories until you guys brought it up. Are there plans to release it in the US?
  14. [​IMG]

    It's impressive how little we know about "Hallow2018" (how's that for a title?) thus far. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a teaser soon-ish (maybe next month?); Mr. Blum himself recently saw the first rough cut of it. Although Blumhouse sometimes don't release trailers until the last minute, I think they'll probably be planning a long promo campaign for this one, being that it's a franchise movie with a 40 year legacy/anniversary, and it's been almost 10 years since the last one - more, actually, if you discount the Zombie remakes altogether.

    Although, of course, I primarily want it to be a good film, I really hope it's a bit of a 'moment', pop culturally speaking. I'm not expecting, like, "IT" impact or anything, but I'd hate for it to just come and go, like "eh, whatever."
  15. It'd be nice to get a teaser/mini trailer soon.
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  16. Scream 3 & 4 are shit. The Scream franchise ended with Scream 2.
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  17. Scream 4 is definitely not shit, I love it. Scream 3? Meh, it has some moments but it's the weakest one.
  18. I love Scream 4. It was a victim of executive meddling for sure, and the middle third is a bit slack, but it's still great.

    I was watching the Friday the 13th fan-film Never Hike Alone earlier and having orgasms over how good it is, and how faithful to the general feel of the movies they've made it - if this was how they did the TV series - little vignettes about schmucks who encounter Jay - I'd be on board.
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  19. Scream 4 was everything for a life long fan of the franchise who felt 3 was not a worthy finale. I saw it in theaters three times and each one was such a rush. Amazing cast (Hayden and baby zaddy Nico especially), some Scream Franchise best-deaths (Olivia), amazing nods to the original (Kirby's phone call trivia), and a fun whodunnit that didn't involve faking ones' own death or retconning prior films.
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  20. So Scream Unseen next week at Odeon could be Hereditary which is very exciting.