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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I know im in the minority but i wish the new Fear Street books were more in line with the originals. The new ones look kinda comic book-ey to me. Some of my favs:




  2. Shadyside High!? Amaze.
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  3. I remember this one being one of my absolute fucking favourites.
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  4. I'm so with you. The classic cover art was unforgettable and so camp. The new cover art honestly looks amateur-ish in comparison.
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  5. Really? I thought those 80 mins dragged, it was rubbish in comparison to the original.
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  6. Oh well! I enjoyed it. Some of my favourite horror films are "utter trash", though.
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  8. Uno


    90% of horror films are utter trash. You kind of have to enjoy them within the context of "it's a horror film, it's not supposed to be very good".
  9. I just rewatched the original Woman In Black for the first time in so many moons.

    So much eerier than the Harry Potter remake for me.

    This actress is just spine chillingly good in her performance.

  10. Genuinely terrifying, we need so much more tv horror.
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  11. Totally agree, the original was far more eerie. The Daniel Radcliffe film looked really good and was done very well but was not remotely scary.
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  12. Ugh that screenshot made me shudder!

    The Radcliffe one was tripe - jump scares every 14 seconds.
  13. I know I bang on about this every Halloween/Christmas but if anyone loves the TV version of Woman in Black, you can't but adore the old BBC Ghost Stories for Christmas DVDs - a few of them are genuinely frightening. Less scary but still marvellous fun are the Hammer Horror TV episodes
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  14. This was so big when I was a kid, we were meant to be too young to watch but we all did. It was a 'did you see?' programme that we all discussed in the playground the next day. I have got the Blu Ray boxset and they are not as scary as I remember when I was young but they are good fun,
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  15. The Hitchhiker one and The House That Bled to Death are great. Plus Diana Dors camping it up!
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  16. These are the 2 that were most talked about, along with the one with the Witch.
  17. I'm sure they air the old Hammer stuff on the Horror channel sometimes. As a channel it's more 'miss' than 'hit' sadly, but you do get the odd obscurity here and there.

    New "Hereditary" trailer:

    I was surprised to see posters for this in Cineworld the other week. I figured it would be more of an 'arthouse cinema' release.
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  18. It looks so terrifying.
  19. I watched this last again after 15 years! I had forgotten how entertaining it is, very funny, but also quite creepy at times.