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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Margot is my favorite thing about the brilliant Black Christmas. Firmly in my Top 10 horror flicks and she is standout. I loved her in the otherwise hideous Amityville as well.
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  2. The way the press reported it back then was shocking, she was made out to be a lunatic. It was disgusting. A lot of the misunderstanding and prejudice against certain groups or subjects was fuelled by the media's portrayal. They have a lot to answer for.
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  3. I'm really sad she's gone. A really underrated talent.
  4. This was really good. Stylish as hell, LOTS of male nudity and the gore was insane.

  5. This is so true. It was always made to seem like there was something "wrong" with her. I just hated that whole period. I really admire her for not hiding.
  6. Uno


  7. I’ve just found out that when people were talking about “the first Purge” it’s acfually a film called The First Purge. I thought they just meant the first film. Do we really need this? It would surely be like a Hunger Games sequel about the first ever games. We already know why they did, we don’t need to see how ...
  8. Yeah it sounds redundant which is my problem with a lot of prequels, only a few have ever really entertained me or been somewhat surprising. It does seem to be a common theme with horror film series lately about 1 or 2 sequels then a prequel.
  9. I really didn't see much value in any of The Purge movies - one of those franchises where you don't care about anyone.
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  10. Revenge isn’t perfect and despite having a female director still manages to uncomfortably slip into male gaze territory but FUCK what a ride that was.

    Matilda Lutz is a goddamn star.
  11. I enjoyed Revenge, but had to switch off my brain, there was far too many ridiculous moments.

    I appreciated the peen though.
  12. The word Peen is not used enough. Also, love your avatar @Iggypig

    So Von Trier’s new serial killer horror The House That Jack Built sounds genuinely dreadful and problematic to say the least. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. The animal cruelty scene sounds utterly repellent
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  13. Yes! I love that movie!
  14. My own personal fan pick for Eddie has apparently been chosen in IT: Chapter 2 with James Ransone


    Also Andy Bean has been cast as Stan. I've never seen this guys work but looks wise is spot on.



    I love how this cast is shaping up. Some big names and some relatively unknowns. Now if they would just cast Sterling K. Brown as Mike we will be all set.
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  15. The world's first SJW slasher movie?

  16. I had to Google that as I had no idea what it was.
  17. The student film vibes from that made me want to vomit.
  18. Really? It's basically every asshole on the internet's favorite word.
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  19. No being an asshole myself, it must have passed me by.