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How diverse is your group of friends?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Princeuk, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. I have zero heterosexual friends.
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  2. Goals.
  3. I've never had a gay friend. Not even in make-up, and fashion school. Not for any particular reason on my end. Just often they'd gang up on me and make fun of me. Other than that I'm a hermit, so there we go. I am feminine, but very sensitive, so don't fit into those sassy type of huntygangs.Ya know, like those certain very attention seeking Pop Justice members. Oh I am friends with bi guys does that count?
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  4. If you re-read your post closely enough, you'd know the reason you've never had any gay friends.
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  5. I'm an introvert hermit, that's way too sensitive.
  6. Also, because I'm feminine, most straight guys don't want nothing to do with me, and girls just see me as a shopping buddy. but I'm not like that. I want some kind of depth. And like I said I don't fit into the sassy gang either. Atleast I always get rejected by those. Bullied even. Also I'm diagnosed with ADD today so there we go.
  7. My best friend is a ginger lesbian.

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  8. I'm not a regular gay I'm a cool gay.

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  9. I wonder why.