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Hurts - Desire (Fourth Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Apr 20, 2017.

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  2. There's a longer snippet on iTunes and it sounds promising, like a continuation of their Surrender sound. I'm excited about this.
  3. I feel it was a Eurovision submission that got rejected.
  4. I just thought about when they would release something new the other day. I hope they'll deliver another amazing album cover like with Surrender. It's what actually made me take time with the album.
  5. I loved Surrender and still use it, so very intregued with this would be great to see them get some proper success.
  6. Are they still on the same label? The last campaign was absolutely atrocious and seemed to flop horribly, but maybe their Eastern European success has kept them hanging on.
  7. iTunes file says Sony Music Germany. But I didn't think they did that well even in Germany last time.

    The single isn't grabbing me on first listen but I expect there will be some good stuff on the album.
  8. I'm still fuming that they didn't release Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us as a proper single. That could've been a real hit. Probably not but still.
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  9. This is still incredible

  10. Should have been lead single, was the best chance of a hit and a more successful era.
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  11. I remember being desperate for Wonderful Life to beat Tao Cruz to No.1 back in 2010! As if that would ever happen , I was literally telling everyone I knew to buy the song.

    I think it made No.18.
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  12. I need to see them live again soon. Seen them about 5 times but not since they were promoting the second album.

    I was at one of their first gigs at Wiltons Music Hall and Theo was about a meter away from my face. It was quite something.
  13. Oh wow, this is truly atrocious. Looks like any trace of artistic ambition has left them permanently.
  14. 21. I texted into Scott Mills doing the chart show saying I was gutted it wasn't top 10 "but at least it's no.2 in Germany". He said oh well there's always next week! But alas, no.

    Couldn't believe it when Stay bombed out at 50. That should've been massive too.
  15. Theo would get it.
  16. Bit harsh, but yeah it's not great. Maybe this is just the one they foolishly think is most chart-worthy like they must've done last time, yet there were much better songs to come.
  17. Alas, it's been largely downhill since the Hapiness era. Let's face it.
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  18. Their trajectory since the first album has been disappointment after disappointment, if they still think that there's any remote chance for 'chart success' for them in 2017, they're seriously deluded. They could have evolved into something special, yet they keep aiming at this notion of a 'hit' by churning out vapid, soulless, demo-sounding fluff. Sad really.
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  19. Their entire first album was magic. Nothing has really matched it for me since then which is a big shame. Stay is such a highlight and could serve as a huge single for someone to cover one day.

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  20. Im not getting this, Exile was by no means pandering to commerical success, then Happiness, dispite having some, what you'd probably consider "basic trend chasing" songs, those werent actually released to promote the album, i actually think they could be going so much more out there for commercial success and they are actually steppimg back from that obviouse route.
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