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Hyped up acts that failed to get any success

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blabby, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Teairra Mari - who was initially heavily pushed at the expense of Rihanna

  2. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    The song and video are laughable, I get that talent scouts spot people in a variety of ways and there's no denying Teiarra's beautiful and has a nice enough voice but it's just amazing how clueless and tone deaf the music industry can be, how they can hand someone a song and dress them up in such a way that it just kills any career prospect off and they quietly discard the individual who was just going along with whatever they were told was best... and even crazier that they stifle other prospects because they want to throw their lot behind one particular person, like, if this trash had somehow taken off, we'd have gotten no Rihanna.
  3. Exactly. At the time and now Rihanna with Pon De Replay was much better and effortlessly cool compared to the extremely try hard, awful, cringy Teairra. She was marketed terribly by Jay Z when he was pushing her as the next big thing - and to think Rihanna was going to be dropped in favour of her (!!!)
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  4. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Just utter madness. It's no wonder established artists shoot to kill whenever there are murmurs about someone being "the new" version of them, the sheer struggle to even break out when you're competing with dozens of other people to be the anointed one that gets the label backing...
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  5. Thank you! I love them.

    Although apparently not enough to remember their name.
  6. I take any opportunity I can to say this - the album's worth of material that leaked from them is absolutely bloody fantastic. Turn Me Up, Another Day, Alone, Discover Me, Last One Standing, Happy Alone, Mind It - what a WASTE.

  8. who were those girls who sang a song about a boy breaking their heart so they broke his nose?
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  9. Love Bites!

  10. Neon Jungle were basically over by the time their album was released.
  11. VV Brown when she was signed to Polydor and Island -

    Her first single got to #82 in 2005 despite some heavy promotion and video play. Debut album on Polydor cancelled.

    And then:

    LEAVE! got to #73, Shark In The Water scraped Top 40 and the album only got to #30 despite her being seemingly everywhere at the time, playing at major festivals, walking in London Fashion Week and she was even being pushed in America. But she went nowhere.
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  12. Amerie? One Thing was huge and then nothing really had the same impact. I thought she was going to be a huge star but it turned out to be just one really good song, albeit a Beyonce clone.
  13. The case of Vita was even more dramatic: she had notorious guest features (most notable at N*E*R*D's Lapdance), was being prepped as a big deal only to have her album shelved. Rumor has it that even her Wikipedia article was deleted.
  14. She was so beautiful. Downright gorgeous in fact. I thought she'd be a star.
  15. Natalia Kills/Verbalicious/Verse/Teddy Sinclair etc. ?

    enough said
  16. Porcelain Black
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  17. The Modern (aka Matinée Club)

    Tyler James
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  19. 'Buhberray' remains iconic

  20. just leaving this here guys