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I Got New Rates I Count 'Em: 2017 Number 1's Rate (#16)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Petty Mayonnaise, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Before you guys raise your pitchforks and yell "BURN THE SHEERAN STAN!", I want to say that my 11 is not by him.
  2. I’m glad both versions are gone, let’s not think about them anymore
  3. Dd I CAN'T with people coming for Wild Thoughts or even Feels when they are better than like, 80% of what's in this rate.
  4. Feels is better than 80% of this rate (as in 16 songs??) No, m'dam!
  5. This is going amazing so far, so watch y'all mess up and Bodak Yellow misses the Top 10.
  6. I mean, I wasn't being exactly specific about the percentages, but:

    Symphony, Wild Thoughts, Feels, New Rules, Havana, Humble, Bodak Yellow


    Everything else.
  7. I see you erasing my commentary from the narrrative. But yeah, I was petty. FIRO deserved that #1.
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  8. It's not just yours. I got way more commentary than I expected, so it's not all going to make it this is just a quick heads up to everyone. Don't @ me if it doesn't make the write up.
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  9. Did you ever get a new laptop or are you still doing all this on your phone? Because whew, dedication if so.
  10. Dddd yeah I'll have a new computer by the time the next rate where I have to make graphics and stuff comes around, but without that part, it's totally doable.
  11. I love how everyone gave this half a point more only because of Beyonce. Feels... correct. But yeah, the song is still shit.
  12. Beyonce or no Beyonce, that song is still one of the worst pieces of heterosexual nonsense I've heard in my entire life.

  13. How did Beyoncé go from giving the gays everything they want in 2016 to stabbing them all in the back by duetting with the two biggest examples of straight white nonsense in the world in 2017?
  14. She’s pacifying the whites before dissolving them in Lemonade II: Zero Sugar.
  15. No thank you!
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Me tanking 'Perfect' and whatever that Sam Smith track is called despite having never subjected myself to either.

  18. What SNL skit/episode is this from?
  20. Good concept, although that Taylor Swift line towards the end did not age well.