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(I was thinking about) Indie Boys Rate- Top 40!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by AshleyKerwin, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Who is keeping Neon Indian with full album intact?
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  2. I gave a few instrumentals 10s. There's one that would honestly be a worthy winner!
  3. 39. Taxi's Here- Tame Impala 6.192

    Highest Score: @Untouchable Ace (9), @enjoy (8)
    Lowest Score: @happiestgirl (3), @Chezam (4), @Jwentz (4)

    This song is about realizing the power you have as an individual and what your free will can do. I gave it a 6.5. It starts to pick up around the middle with a guitar and other instruments. Some people around the web compared to the closer of 2012’s Lonerism, Beverly Laurel. While it’s a decent song, I can see why it was a b side.
    Happiestgirl (3)- "Not a fan of how slow and odd this is".
    Remorque (6.5)- "Each time this song sets to take off, it doesn’t for a good three minutes and then when it finally does, it ain’t all that special…"
    Constantino (7.5)- "First of all, as a Charli XCX stan I am triggered by the title. The track is pretty and trippy, but like the other two bonus tracks, adds nothing of note to Currents as a body of work.

    Let's celebrate with some more memorable taxis...

  4. [​IMG]

    38. Hit Parade- Neon Indian- 6.227


    Highest Score: @Jwentz (8), @inevitable (8), @2014 (8)
    Lowest Score: @Chezam (3)

    I gave this a 5. As the first track to the album, Hit Parade is the syllabus day of Vega International Night School. It sounds like a cassette being rewinded before picking up, then some bloops and bleeps added in. I don’t know. It starts to get a disco-y beat towards the end. It samples a track called Wot by someone named Captain Sensible. DIYMag compares it to Vangelis' score for Blade Runner played vat ten times the speed.

    Remorque (7.5)- Ethereal. Sets the tone for the album perfectly.

    Here's a possible seizure inducing video that Neon Indian uploaded for the song.

  5. The best one:

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  6. Wow, 3 whole eliminations without The 1975?

    37. If I Believe You- The 1975- 6.246
    Highest Score: @inevitable (9) @Remorque (8)
    Lowest Score: @soratami (4) @happiestgirl (4)

    I gave it a 7.5. A faux gospel moment of whatever. Matty sings about his lack of religious views that he’ll briefly mention in Nana. Like other songs that aren’t sure about faith, ranging from What if God Was One of Us to Wake Up Dead Man, Matty asks God about why he doesn’t believe in him and if that’s why bad things happen. What saves this for me from other quieter songs on this album is the choir on it. There's another reference to Lost My Head. Some reviewers compared it to D'angelo. I appreciate the jazz, the strings, the general sound of this. It makes me miss the 80's when people would be able to have left field jazz moments out of nowhere.
    Here's what you thought. Was Matty preaching to the choir or
    Happiestgirl is not impressed- "Goes on far too long”".
    Remorque says "Again, I think we’ve all been there… Not being religious, but when times are hard and you’re struggling, maybe thinking of turning to religion can be consoling. Them going full-on 90s R&B ballad on us, is a pleasant surprise. Who invited Kenny G theaux?".
    Constantino, who gave it a 7, said "I like the production (especially the sax that comes in at the end) and use of backing vocals, but otherwise I’m not too into this - the gospel and soul elements feel inauthentic.".

    Here's a live performance of the track.

    And here's a plug for my favorite song about religion, Penthouse Cloud by The Internet.
  7. MESS at me missing out on a Tori song! Yikes. At least I paid my dues with the cover.
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  8. I can’t at that Gold Dust cover.
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  9. One more for tonight...

    36. Nana- The 1975- 6.262
    Highest Score: Me (8.5), @2014 (8)
    Lowest Score: @constantino (4), @Jwentz (4)
    Ugh this is just too personal to me. Like I read the lyrics for the first time in a long while and I’m just sad now. Go hug your family members if you’re reading this. As an acoustic moment that comes before She Lays Down, this song is an emotional wrap up to the album. While Matty's views on love, fame, and even drugs can seem extra at times, this is a true heartfelt letter to his grandmother, who passed away in 2014. You get more insight on why Matty might have turned from religion. The song picks up with some other subtle instruments but keeps the somber mood.

    @happiestgirl -(7) "If I live past 72 I hope I’m half as cool as you’….let me go cry now”.
    @Remorque - (7.5) "I love how Matty’s not one to mince words and just say what’s on his mind. Such a sweet and honest tune. Especially that last line, which is fucking heartbreaking."
    But at least one person didn't like it... @constantino (4)- "This SHOULD be sweet but it’s just a bit creepy tbh. Not into this at all."

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  10. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    noooooo Nana is so sad
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  11. 35. Nangs- Tame Impala- 6.262
    Highest Score: @constantino (8), @inevitable (8)
    Lowest Score: @enjoy (4)

    But is there something more than that?

    This is an interlude that asks if there's something more than that. But is there more to the song than this? I don't think so. I'm not saying it needed to be a full fledged song. I'm just saying I need to be make better decisions at interludes and what to officially include in a rate. I think it could've been more interesting if it was stretched out into a full song, but currently, it's a 5.
    Genius adds "The song’s introduction sounds like a balloon filled with N2O being inhaled, which is the method used to get the gas into your system. The track does a good job of emulating the woozy, undulating feeling of being high on N2O." Honestly, I never knew or heard about this at all and I was interested in finding that out. It made for an easy cover. I guess you can say the song asks if there's more to life than being high? Let's ask Stacie Orrico.
    Here's what you thought:
    @Remorque (6): "This is a nice piece of ambiance, but I was left asking the exact same question as Kevin here…"
    @constantino (8): "The perfect palate-cleanser after the juggernaut that is Let It Happen." I never thought of it like that!
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  12. 34. The Ballad of Me and My Brain- The 1975- 6.823
    Highest Score: @enjoy (10)
    Lowest Score: @soratami (0)
    This was the first track which got both a 10 and a 0! Personally, I gave it a 9. This hits all my sweet spots for good instruments and sort of angsty lyrics disguised in a pop wrapper.
    Although it starts off with a choir and has the word ballad in the title, it's the complete opposite mood-wise. This song describes a mental breakdown of sorts in a humorous way- as your brain actually leaving your body. Honestly, even if it sounds dark, it's still a light moment for the album. Matty talks about meeting a parent of a fan while on the hunt for his cranium, and there's even a Britney shout out! A pretty short track, this song feels like a manic, upbeat frenzy. It was compared to Sting's stadium hits by Pitchfork, which I don't know enough to tell you if it's true or not.
    @soratami (0): "These vocals...." now sistren! We know the good sis Matthewr Healyesa is doing #that.
    @happiestgirl (7): "Short and sweet little ditty”".
    @Remorque (8):"Having the song open as it does, perfectly illustrates Matty having lost his mind after fame got to his head. His voice cracks and breaks all over the place, as if he’s fighting his inner demons and it has quite the effect on me as a listener. Lovely shout-out to that 2000 masterpiece too!"
    @constantino (8): "Finally, a song with structure and melody, rather than meandering for 4+ minutes. I appreciate Matty admitting that he’s a bit thick." Y*s we love a thicc legend.

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  13. No major upsets so far, well done girls!