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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. They’re literally not there for me.
  2. What phone do you have sis? I had the same issues a couple years ago with some apps before finally being able to afford a flagship phone because my stubborn ass didn't want to be tied down to a monthly bill contract dddd.
  3. Also, how do you get the purple zoom with the cute music and the glittery shit?
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  4. It's the Superzoom option at the bottom of the screen. Swipe right to find it, then tap the music note icon to select the TV Show filter.
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  5. So yesterday I was about to sleep when I realised that one of my students (I teach grammar and literature in a high school) had just seen the story I had previously uploaded. It was a screenshot of Spotify recommending Golden by Kylie and me adding "Spotify knows I am gay".

    Well, now my students know too.

    Tomorrow will be my first day out of the closet at school.

  6. And a lot of broken-hearted girls
    (looking at you profile picture)
  7. Bitch if you’re a teacher then I’m back in school x
  8. As someone who had a gay teacher at school, the best thing you can do is be completely chill about it. There might be the occasional dickhead kid trying to score points with the others, but generally I found in my school people were totally cool and actually pretty curious about it – a few often asked questions and wanted to be educated about it all. Do not be afraid to come down hard on anyone who's even mildly sneery about it though – make it known that it's totally unacceptable, and it will send the message.

    Also you could probably make them all stream Golden and give Kylie some extra coin, I guess?
  9. Is he the guy in his avatar? And if so, do we have any other pictures?
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  10. It's me indeed but I quickly made my Instagram account private once I realised my students had found it.
  11. Lots of attractive guys. Well, now I know where else to look if my relationship goes tits up...

    That’s not Columbo’s real account though is it...?
  12. It is.
  13. Is your school strict with social media rules or do people just like to use "fake names" on Facebook just to let everyone know they're a teacher? i.e. if someone is called Rebecca Hall they'll change their name to Becky Rose
  14. currently creating a Facebook account with this name to stalk my ex
  15. Anybody else have those estranged acquaintances on Instagram who NEVER like or acknowledge anything you actually post but watch your story stuff without fail? Like I don’t think there’s a Mariah Obsessed level to worry about, just find it odd behaviour.
  16. I never post stories and I rarely watch them ddd
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  17. I’m a terrible photographer so it’s my go to for stuff like gigs and anything scenic or naff videos as it’s all really disposable. Wouldn’t even expect my Mother to watch it all, let alone Charlotte who I worked with 8 years ago?
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  18. Some people are nosey and very bored.
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  19. They might be flicking through stories and stumble upon yours. I did it all the time
    with old friends and exes until I started unfollowing them because I was scared I was starting to look like some story stalker
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  20. Also, just a reminder: I don't post very often, but I've posted two today. So... *shrug* things are great!
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