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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Stop spamming my newsfeed, i'm unfollowing you.
  2. So nobody said shit about the gay teacher. I just got a few smiles from my students saying something like "we now know and it is ok, bae" (yeah, there's a lot to decipher in a single smile from my kids). Though yesterday, when they were doing some exercise I played Dancing by Kylie as background music.
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  3. I enjoyed it, you should post more.
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  4. Aaaand it’s been a great day for us Munro stans.
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  5. You know what, I think I will.
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  6. I'm loving your Melodrama era and we're only at the Green Light announcement
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  7. R92


  8. I made a throwaway account and all the features I’m missing are there

    Instagram literally has a vendetta against me smh
  9. Gotta let the girls know that I’m back xx

    Eat glass binch
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  10. Me posing with my sexy Popjustice friends

  11. Sweet 7 sure was a rough era for the Sugababes.
  12. AH! LOL

    Do you guys has the same issues that we're having in Italy with the hashtags? (aka hashtags are not working anymore so you can't reach a larger audience)
  13. I do love a floral
  14. You're the guy whose face is largely obscured by Katy
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  15. Hurtful
  16. ... but thanks.
  17. My alter-ego.

    If you don't like me at my Sinful, you don't deserve me at my Hurtful.
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  19. I had to go private because a patient found me the other week but I’m still and accept anyone that isn’t a porn spam account!
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  20. I had to do that with mine, as students started finding me and it was awkward.

    They don't respect boundaries at all.