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Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby is 30

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Was a bit of a bop!
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  2. The hard line.. .genuinely feels like it had 7 singles as so many of the tracks stand up alongside the hits.
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  3. Sounded better in my head than in reality as he seemed to be TTD trying to be Michael Jackson singing Michael Hutchence.
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  4. I didn't know he dated Paula Yates. Iconic 80s couple.
  5. Did she? I can't remember her mentioning it in her autobiography (which I read last year) but then it was a funny old read and so many name checks that I might have missed it.
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  7. I have some memory of Paula simmering with excitement while introducing him on the Tube, so it's certainly plausible, although she did the same thing over Ben Vol-au-Vent Pierrot from Curiosity, so perhaps that was just her modus operandi.

    TTD was a strange one. There was such a lot of fuss over him back in 1987. He was never really my bag - I thought most of the singles were passable at best (Dance Little Sister was the best from the debut) - but then I probably wasn't his target audience. However, the first album managed that tricky balancing act of seeming 'credible' whilst still appealing to the younger pop audience, despite his bravado and arrogance, and he successfully broke America.

    But then came the dog's breakfast of Neither Fish Nor Flesh. I remember seeing the video for 'To Know Someone Deeply...' on the Chart Show and clocking that it was doomed. In addition to being an absolute meandering mess of a track, no song with a title that long stands much chance of being a hit. And the hubris on the single sleeve - 'Terence Trent D'Arby presents...' God knows why CBS allowed it to be released.

    That said, his duet with Desree in the 90s was quite nice...
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  8. Yeah third album had 4/4 bangers as singles releases. A return to form.
  9. It says a lot about his powers of recovery and the quality of the 3rd album that it managed to debut inside the top 5 and all the singles went Top 20. It was pretty decent.
  10. And
  11. Cant add anything to the comments, so in summary,

    1. Its the greatest debut ever
    2. Most of the remixes are on cd if you look or burningtheground
    3. Fish nor flesh is a car crash and the biggest totalling ever of a career
    4. Symphony or damn was an amazing resurrection
    5. Vibrator is crap
    Needs a 4cd reissue surely!
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  12. The same thing happened in Australia, with covers alternating between 90210 or Melrose Place 'stars' (who I had/have zero interest in), or 'hunks' like Jeremy Jordan, Peter Andre, or East 17. For the whole year.
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  13. The Australian TV commercial for this album featured a snippet of 'Seven More Days'. So I assumed it had been a single/was planned to be a single, but there's no listing for it on discogs. I think it may have also featured a snippet of 'Rain'.
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  14. My memory was correct!

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  15. Pretty much sums it up!

    I'm surprised there hasn't been a super deluxe yet. Is he largely forgotten by the public?

    To me, he's kind of like Lauryn Hill in that his debut is THAT good that it will pass on for generations regardless of what came after.
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  16. Yet, Holding On To You was one of the best songs he ever did
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  17. New interview