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ionnalee - Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten (February 16)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DirtyPornStar, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. I just landed in Stockholm today and when I was on the metro heading to my hostel. Not Human randomly came on shuffle. What kinda Swedish magic Ionnalee influence? Is she in Stockholm, I feel like stalking her or lurking around in her office that Someone here once did, so she could write a song about how creepy her fans are to her etc.
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  2. Ok @Meathook, simmer down.
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  3. Loving the new song, it's on repeat.
    I'm finding the ionnalee songs have a warmer more personal sound than iamamiwhoami.
    So this will be her Earth/Fire album ( iamamiwhoami project is more Air/Water )
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  4. I always love when they go a bit more experimental, but the song feels like it's missing something. I think it could have been a little longer too.
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  5. Jonna's released a Chant version of Simmer Down. I can't hear anything different from the version released on Spotify/the TWIMC shop. Are my ears broken or is it just the same version of the song?
  6. The 'chant' literally means a subtitled version. God knows why they chose that word
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  7. Sounds the same to me. I think it's just what she's calling her subtitled/lyric videos? There was a "chant" version of Samaritan too, but with the video.
  8. That could be it!
  9. He


    Chant. Scream.

    I guess they need to keep the social media rolling.

    Simmer Down remains brilliant.
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  10. I would love if she’d just drop a CD/DVD type of thing all of a sudden. Not feeling the long intervals between the songs...
  11. I was thinking that might be likely, given that it's so odd there's no visual released for Simmer Down yet. If not a CD/DVD then a digital release with a CD/DVD coming later.
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  12. I agree with you both. I like the song, and especially the lyrics. I think Jonna is a phenomenal writer when it comes to lyrics. But the thought of having to wait another three months for a song + video makes me a bit worried. I mean, she's set up a story, with the videos being different chapters and all. To tell a story with chapters that're not in chronological order over such a long period of time doesn't really make sense. I understand that TWIMC as a label has limited means and that the crew making this with Jonna isn't that big. Making whatever we'll eventually be getting takes time. But for us as an audience, three months is a long time.

    I will forever be a support Jonna with love and money. The things she and her collaborators has made over the years (albums, videos, tours, the island, etc etc) has made such a big impact on me. I just hope things don't stretch out much longer without some album news.
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  13. She's smart... I never use I-Tunes anymore as we have spotify to listen to stuff.
    But I need these new songs on my sony walkman (yes I'm old school) so I buy/download them as they come out.
    I just hope that when the CD/DVD comes out that it's available in other places besides their shop this time.
    Also not oversized like Blue was, I prefer the packaging of Bounty and Kin.
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  14. Agreed, something in a case/box would be nice. The BLUE packaging wasn’t bad, just not very practical or sturdy. However, I’m ready for the new album, so bring it on!
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  15. The BLUE packaging looked nice and was appropriate for the theme - in terms of it being represented by a clear box - but I agree the packaging wasn't sturdy enough. Mines barely been touched and the sides of the large clear wallet that holds everything have started to come apart. I'd like any future releases to be in a digipack like Bounty and Kin, or to be boxed nicely.
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  16. There's been some correspondence between a fan and TWIMC on Jonna's instagram:

    @joseleonardo_85: I am disappointed because this song was released without a video, I follow your projects because you have a unique way to show your art but for the first time you changed it, this project started very excited and know we have this... ;/

    @twimclabel: she is an artist, not a vending machine

    @joseleonardo: I am rereading my comment trying to find in which part I said anything about "vending machine" or anything about "she is not an artist". Anyway, you guys don't need to be paranoid about selling your art, they are worth value. Now I am disappointed twice and I am unfollowing @twimclabel and @ionnalee, because if you guys can't properly answer a fan, those profiles have only the propose of expose the items of your "vending machine" and not else.

    @twimclabel: @joseleonardo_85 you were disappointed because of your expectations. an artists creation can not follow others expectations. so keeping an open mind to change is good as it benefits the artist and the work outcome.

    Why are Jonna's fans so rude?
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  17. kal


    That's not a fan. That's an entitled shit.
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  18. I don't think that fan was being rude at all to begin with, and think TWIMC's replies can be quite harsh at times which resulted in the second post.
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  19. It's okay to like, be disappointed in things, but don't be all up on Jonna's instagram being like YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.
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