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ionnalee - Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten (February 16)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DirtyPornStar, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. I saw that on Facebook and expected it to be the inevitable album trailer with previews, haha.

    They must not be tracking me as I've had nothing (sad face).

    If they messaged me I'd removed it, but it seems a bit silly since it's a public website.
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  2. Well, I'd like to keep my apartment, so no. Sorry Jonna.
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  3. I'm already addicted to the Gone remix just based on that preview! The way the drums kick in after the first "ta ta ta ta ta ta pa pa pa pa pa cho.." bit is so catchy. This makes me wonder what other old songs they have in the vaults.
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  4. One song from Tungorna's EP will be released every day this week ahead of it's full release Friday. Here's BOU. It starts off a bit slow, but leads into something quite fantastic. There's no vocals besides the repeated "bou" sounding word.

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  5. I shared that remix preview on "roots" and they've banned me. Jonna is not playing yall
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  7. Yeah they're being very strict about what can be shared there. Someone shared the tracklist too and that was deleted and they were removed from the group. I understand that because the tracklist was leaked (though giving fans benefit of the doubt wouldn't hurt - it's been shared in many places and fans may not realise it was leaked) but it surprises me they're removing people for sharing a preview they found on a legal website - surely deleting the post is good enough?

    Here's Tungorna's "In Situ", the second track from the EP.

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  8. SSTR - track 3 from the Tungorna EP. It's my favourite so far! It has a great instrumental.

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  9. In 'roots' people having fun with misheard lyrics right now...

    "I'm taking oil, imma taking oil" like OMFG
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  10. He


    Yes, make fun of Jonna’s style and enunciation in her official Facebook group.

    These children...
  11. Isn’t that a stylistic choice in a way? Her english was pretty great on the first two solo albums. Although, I do love her swedish accent, so I’d rather she keeps it this way!
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  12. Not having native English and mishearding some English lyrics isn't making fun of Jonna's style. Don't take everything serious that much.
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  13. He


    Mishearing lyrics has nothing to do with English proficiency, though.

    I just think it's not the wisest thing to do in the official Facebook group of such a serious artist. Jonna and To whom it may concern are a bit humourless when it comes to their craft, and that is their prerogative.
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  14. I better understand what you meant now and looking this side I agree with you.
    However, that group saw worse things for a short time, someone even posted "Traffic Accident Scene + Gone" video. (And I was screaming) In our view this looks fun but you're right, Jonna and TWIMC are giving a lot of effort to these projects and they can be (or should be, who knows?) protective on their works.
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  15. Jonna just posted an IG pic with Snow titled "dis ma dawg".

    She'll be ok...
  16. What really makes that post is the fact that it looks like Swedish on first glance.
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  17. HA! Totes.

    "dis mah dawg. luv mah homiez in da wurld" Swedish thug realness.
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  18. Roots has been nothing but annoying so far.
    I've pretty much blocked almost everyone... I don't see the point of it when we have FB pages already for ionnalee, iamamiwhoami and towhomitconcerns.
    Think I will leave the group very soon, I now doubt there will be anything special added in there by Jonna.
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  19. I wish there was a way to stop it littering my news feed without leaving - is there? (I bet it's obvious).
  20. I'm pretty sure that you can make appear less posts but i cant remember how to do that