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Irish Abortion Referendum

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by gagapourgaga, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. I forgot to tell ya'll, My old religion teacher knocked at my door a few weeks ago went straight into his spiel about saving babies. It felt so good schooling him and shaking him to the core that I was his ex student. Cheek of this man literally about 70 with no wife or kids trying to police women's bodies whilst dishing out bible quotes. No Ma'am he can piss right off.

    I do think it will pass, The younger generation some of which I know personally and (annoyingly) didn't even register to vote on the marriage referendum have got themselves prepared to vote yes on the 25th.
  2. Claire Byrne Live did a referendum debate last night and it was horrific. The No side were coming out with such lies and bullshit, and there was next to no moderation. There was a large audience and all the No people were literally whooping and cheering whenever one of their people said anything. I wouldn't even recommend watching it because it will probably take a year off your life.

    Despite all that, the Yes side was really great; Mary Lou in particular. I remain confident that we will win. From my experience talking to people, I think most people have accepted that repeal is a necessity even if they're still uncomfortable with it. The No campaign has just riled up the people who were already pro-life; I don't think their tactics are doing them any favours with undecided voters. That could be totally wrong though but I just have to stay positive!
  3. Massive viewing figures for that shitshow on Claire Byrne as well. Stuff like that could really sway undecided voters in the wrong direction.
  4. What modern world do we live in where this can’t easily pass?
  5. Yeah that Irish Times poll makes me very uneasy. This really is going to be extremely close. I still have hope it will pass but I'm feeling very anxious about it.

    The No campaign have gone above and beyond, especially in the rural parts. Here is a famous mountain in Sligo close enough to where I live that was vandalised by the No side this morning:

  6. I filled in my RFA3 form before I headed on holiday last month so I could get it in on time, but I think I was already removed from the register at my old address so I'm worried I won't be included on the register for this. I was really hoping to cancel out my boyfriends parents' votes ddd. Thankfully my own see sense on this and will be voting to repeal. It bothers me seeing middle aged men (and over) campaigning for the No side. It bothers me even more that the No side is being carried by those over the age of 50, for obvious reasons. I'm bracing myself for a bad result.
  7. I’ve seen tonnes of yes posters going up just this week. Better late than never I guess....