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Japanese Breakfast - General Discussion & 2nd Album (out now!)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Andy French, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    New album just released on Yellow K Records - it's a side project of Little Big League frontwoman Michelle Zauner and it is excellent. If you like shoegaze, dream pop, or both shoved in a blender, this is for you.

    There's also three albums' worth of demos (many of which made the final album in finished versions) available for free at her official Bandcamp.
  2. I was smitten with Pscyhopomp, new album out this year too - Soft Sounds From Another Planet, out 14th July. Am excited.

    She's been doing new songs at recent shows that aren't quite as big a departure as this, though I'm lowkey living for the M83ness.

    @Andy French
  3. Cool. Pscyhopomp is a wonderful record that deserved way more attention than it got.
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  4. Yaaay, I hope she pulls a Mitski/Angel Olsen and really breaks through this time!
  5. I forgot I had followed her on Bandcamp aaaaaages ago and saw the announcement this morning. Exciting!
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  6. This is brilliant.

    They have a new album titled 'Soft Sounds from Another Planet out July 14.

    1. Driving Woman
    2. Road Head
    3. Machinist
    4. Planetary Ambience
    5. Soft Sounds from Another Planet
    6. Boyish
    7. 12 Steps
    8. Jimmy Fallon Big!
    9. The Body Is a Blade
    10. Till Death
    11. This House
    12. Here Come the Tubular Bells (Outro)
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  7. Boyish is very Angel Olsen.

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  9. IS IT ANY GOOD???
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  10. [​IMG]

    Couldn't have been scheduled for a better month, it's practically made to soundtrack summer evening car rides down the highways.
  11. This album is gorgeous. Very Beach House in places.
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  12. (Better than the Haim album)
  13. The album is...cute. Machinist is the only track that really jumped out on first listen, but it's a lovely little summer album.

    @2014 @Solenciennes could this be moved to the Next Big Things sub-forum please?
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    Done xx
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  15. NOT a one minute response time[​IMG]

    Talent! When will other mods?
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    It's 5.10pm and I was about to do it so I guess 4 hours and 29 minutes later
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  17. Queen of Metacritic.
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  18. This album is getting better and better with each listen. The songs are so incredibly beautiful. Such a massive step up from Pscyhopomp for me.
  19. Just got around to buying this. I can't wait to listen!
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  20. I haven't listened to this yet but that EP was on constant replay last year.