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Jessie J - R.O.S.E. (4th World Shaping Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by sexercise, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. When will your fave?
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  2. I'm shook at just how badly she's bombed with these singles.
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  3. kal


    Queen of talented Chinese sAngers.
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  4. I give up. This is too easy. It's no longer fun.
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  5. When you can't break America...
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  6. "I Am A Queen" tea
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  7. Wow that's depressing.
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  8. It's probably about the money.
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  9. Every career move makes me want to post that nonononono video but it's 2018 and I can't be bothered to drag Jessie Jesus.
  10. kal


    She don't need their money. She just wanna make China dance.
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  11. She follows in the footsteps of other illustrious non Chinese language acts to compete in the show as Kazakshtan's Димаш Құдайберген.

    Legend's only!

    but this show is huge, she's lucky she even got on it

    I'm rooting for Taiwan pop queen Angela Chang

  12. Well, she couldn't make it anywhere else so why not give China a go? A truly global artist!
  13. World shaping indeed.
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  14. This is just sad now.
  15. I can't even be bothered dragging her anymore, it's just sad.
    From obsessed and iconic Madonna fan Lady Gaga hater to singer in only a few years. At last, she also got her spring awakening just like *Aura voice* ARTPOP
  17. It’s simply not very British to call oneself a “Goddess” and a “Queen”, to make such a statement in a serious & non humourous way, without having tongue planted firmly in check.
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  18. Girl wut.
  19. She’s a singer, really? Who knew. I always thought she was washing machine repair.
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