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Jessie Ware - Glasshouse

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Eh, I think the production on the last two albums sometimes overshadowed her vocals and the melodies. I wouldn't call it a detriment, but it lead to me being really surprised at the power of her live vocals. There was more atmosphere on the studio recordings. There does seem to be more attention on her voice and being a SANGer this time around, which means sacrificing some of that atmosphere.
  2. RJF


    Can you give me examples? Even when the production was at its most prominent on the first album, she was very much the defining, binding presence in it all.

    The funny thing is that I already thought she had toned down the more electronic elements to a ridiculous degree on Tough Love, so to see this album apparently double down on that is... disappointing. The thing that made her debut so interesting was the fact that these already solid songs were being enhanced by quirky, contemporary production. I'm not sure why she's eager to rush off to Radio 2.
  3. If you told me she was a featured vocalist on "Still Love Me" and "No to Love," I wouldn't be surprised. Overshadowed is too strong a word, because I do agree she's the best part of anything she does. It just sounds like the production is playing second fiddle to her voice this time around, whereas the first two albums were more of a joint effort.

    I don't disagree either that she's been trending this way, and I'll likely look at Tough Love as the best example of her vocal strengths combined with contemporary, more indie R&B production. Based on her interview with Annie Mac today, it sounds like "Alone" was released because of its accessibility, so I'm hoping for quirkier moments on the album proper.
  4. I'm with RJF, and I don't write this lightly. For the past 4 years I've regarded Jessie as my fav artist on the planet. I've seen her live every chance I could (driving far away on my own), I've heard her albums nonstop through my thesis, breakups, happy times, writing my scripts, but while I like Midnight, the direction she seems to be taking is enough for me to lose the investment I had in her. There was something so unique about Devotion, which was a bit lost on Tough Love (even if the quality of her output was brilliant on TL), but these new tracks just sound so generic to me.
  5. Oh boy, this sounds like the last Tinashe single (and it's 2017 so that's not a compliment). The first misstep for me.
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  6. Tough Love remains her best album, and possibly best song too. To be disappointed by everything she's done this era stings hard. That album was one of those that led me into adulthood; not getting stuff of the same caliber this time around definitely ain't the tea.
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  7. I didn't realize we already had Til The End (Track 13). It's a little 'zzz'.

  8. I'm kind of loving everything so far? I've never bothered listening to her first two albums for some reason, so I thankfully don't feel any of the disappointment y'all are feeling.
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  9. Just listened to Alone & I really love it, actually. Reminds me of early '90s Mariah -- very dreamy, light, & classic pop. She's 3-3 for me (so far).
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  10. Been revisiting her debut and honest to god Running is my absolute favorite track.
  11. I feel like in the context of the album this song will be great but the only that really pops is Selfish Love for me. Not that I hate the other two though
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  12. I feel like she will deliver once again, I have faith, but I also feel that Glasshouse won't top Tough Love, which is her magnum opus for me. I'm interested what she has cooked for us, especially that Your Domino is already my new favourite track judging by live recordings.
  13. She's definitely more Radio 2 these days which is a shame, but on the other hand she has to make money somehow if she's gonna keep doing this.

    Alone is by far my favourite of the three. It's serving me lovely mid 90s lost R&B classic.
  14. Previews are up on iTunes, I listened to them only for a quick while to not spoil my first listen expierience, but it definitely sound like Jessie Ware record. Your Domino and Love to Love KNOCKS though.
    Also, credits are up:
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  15. Surprised to see so many prefer Tough Love to her debut, Devotion is start to finish exemplary and practically niche defining whereas Tough Love has an Ed Sheeran feature.
  16. I think just what @Mr.Arroz said, for me Jessie is the artist that led me into adulthood. Something about Devotion just grabbed a hold of me. I just can't relate to this "My husband is amazing!!!! Being a mom gave me perspectives!!!". I still think her voice is gorgeous and the chorus of Midnight is a rush. So I have hopes still.
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  17. YOUR DOMINO wig
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  18. You are the cutest.

    This is definitely the album about how good her sex life is, isn't it.
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  19. UK Tour. Praise Jessus. Looks like I’m actually buying the album.
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  20. Phew snippets are great.
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