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Julia Michaels - Nervous System

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popzone, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. This is probably the only place in the internet in which Issues could be considered somewhat controversial and I love that.
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  2. Reaches a new peak of #24 on the Hot 100. She performed on The Tonight Show last night. She sounded good although like she was about to run out of breath every line, but I think thats just her singing style. #12 on iTunes.
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  3. RMK


    'Nervous System - EP' out in May. Such a long wait for such a short release.
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  4. I'm so glad the single is a success. She deserves it. Lyrical queen.
  5. So will Issues even be on an album or is it just the lead for an EP? With the song doing so well the EP seems like a waste of everyones time. Just put out an album.
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  6. The EP better be like 8 tracks long.
  7. I've found myself loving this song after sitting on it for a bit.
    It feels very 'of the times' but there's just something about it, it really gets lodged in my head.
  8. She makes me miss Ke$ha.
  9. I thought people only released EPs when the singles were flopping? This is doing well, just get on with getting an album out and actually build up some momentum.
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  10. Yeah, I was confident they were going to turn the EP into an album but any music is better than none.
  11. Top 10 on iTunes!
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  12. RMK


    I don't think any label actually knows how to handle newer artists when it comes to releasing full lengths or if it's worth it when you can release EPs. They are all just trying new things and seeing how it works out but an EP is the safest option. I feel like last year and this year will be a bit odd when it comes to EPs and full-length albums because of streaming and such.
  13. I just cannot figure out how I feel about her or this song. There's something here, and her voice sounds better live in my opinion. I can't tell if there's too much affectedness?

    Definitely need to hear another solo song to figure out if she has the chops.
  14. And it hasn't even been discounted yet!
  15. Nervous System is a great title at least.
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  16. An EP makes sense from a streaming perspective - it gets your Spotify numbers up and helps build a casual fanbase while still saving the buzz that comes with a 'debut album'. No one likes a Spotify page with just one big single and a feature on it.

    I'm really happy this has become such a hit, although I admit it didn't have that much replay value for me.

  17. Her Fallon performance seeing as they won't upload it on the official page for some reason. Sounds great and I think it's the most "Popstar" I've gotten from her including the video.
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  18. This "acoustic mix" on spotify is sadly the same vocal take with a paint by the numbers guitar accompaniment.
  19. This song is odd in that it's really cute, very pretty sounding, and has a strong melody and vocal delivery. All of which are huge ticks, but in terms of the tempo or maybe production, it feels like it still needed to be... polished up into the final version that we were supposed to get? Obviously it was a conscious decision to put it out sounding like it does but it just doesn't feel finished or something.

    Pleased to see it doing so well though, and she seems like she'll bring us a lot of good stuff in future as a result, so we all win. What's also strange is that it's getting a lot of play on UK radio too. Well, Capital FM at least. And I don't know if that's our version of "payola" at work because otherwise...what clout does she have to be getting good airplay for her debut single in the UK? The previous hits she's written? I didn't think the UK would generally be as aware (or at all aware) of that.
  20. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    She gives me mad Donna Lewis vibes - Issues is great and really different, she's brilliant.