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Julia Michaels - Nervous System

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popzone, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. It's top 10 on iTunes...
  2. No. 6 on UK iTunes. What kind of slow burning hit
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  3. I haven't listened to this song in like 2 weeks, but today I had the verses LODGED in my head. It makes sense why it's kind of a slow burning hit.
    It's got a good skeleton, but there's so much to be desired.

    I know she can do better, here's hoping it's success allows her to show that.
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  4. My curse didn't work.

    It grew on me though.
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  5. New peak of #23 on the Hot 100 this week. A discount would probably help it jump into the top 20.
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  6. I knew this would be a hit soon as I read people's early reactions here saying it was atrocious.
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  7. Finally discounted on iTunes, and it's sitting at #6.
  8. I don't see what's not to like about this song. Tuneful, current production, but with a hint of early noughties Britney.
  9. A really good new Julia Michaels song called How Do We Get Back To Love played in a mash up with Banks' Crowded Places at the end of this week's Girls. I need that soundtrack now.
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  10. How Do We Get Back To Love sounds very good
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  11. Now they better put out an album on the back of the single's success... and not a facking EP.
  12. I'm not even that perched to hear an album from her, but I'll still be pressed if they put out an EP instead, just because of the sheer stupidity of it.
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  13. I just want more songs, point blank. With the success of Issues, I think it's going to be a gradual build as a solo star for her.
  14. Issues is top 5 on U.S iTunes now. Its really become one of my favorite songs of the year. I had a sort of meh reception to it at first but its snuck up on me. Visual sucks though. Really looking forward to more music. I heard the tiny clip from Girls. It was like 10 seconds long, so hard to judge.
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  15. Thanks, I thought it sounded like Julia's voice, but wasn't 100% sure.
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  16. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    What is this awful post?

    This is one of the year's best records.
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  17. Not Christina Milian stanning via Facebook captions.
  18. This reaches a new peak of #12 on the Hot 100. Jumped up 10 spots. That discount did wonders.
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    Someboy Moderator

    It's not a stranger to radio either, and I gotta say, it's a massive breath of fresh air compared to nonstop Chainsmokers and Zedd.
  20. Went Top 20 on overall radio yesterday. It's doing great.
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