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K.I.D - Tired All The Time (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. I know there is thread for these guys (which I made!) but i can't find it no matter how I search. Their EP was amazing - indie Gaga at its best. 'I Wish I Was Your Cigarette' was huge. They are now signed to a major and the sound is bigger and poppier than before. Premiere on The Fader - will share the Soundcloud/Youtube etc once they appear.
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  2. Oh wait this is good. I liked their EP.
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  4. I like this. Is their EP worth checking out?
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  5. The previous one is yes. 'New Emotion' and 'I Wish I Was Your Cigarette' are immense. I think 'Errors' might indicate an album.
  6. This really grew on me.

    I wonder if they brought in someone else to help produce and it's not just Chris. It sounds way more glossier / poppier than their previous material, even as The Boom Boom (less in terms of genre, but how smooth Kara's vocals sound and how smooth it all is).

    Too High To Try sounds good from the live version and Allie X helped write it.

    Edit -

    Looked up the credits on BMI. Yup, they seem to be working with bigger names.

    "Errors" - Kara Valorzi, Chris Rabba, Mike Crossey, Chris Perry, Joshua Abraham, Ryland Blackinton, Nico Hartikainen

    Other new titles registered, all produced by Chris Rabba/Mike Crossey
    “Crystal Universe” (Co-Poduced by Mike Wise)
    “I Cannot Sleep At Night”
    “Pack A Day”
    “Prodigal Daughter”
    “Daintree Lane” (Co-Written by Allie X)
    “Taker” (Co-Produced by Mike Wise)
    “Too High To Try”
    “Waiting Room” (Co-Written by Allie X)
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  7. 'Errors' is cute! I like them, going to check out as much as I can momentarily.
  8. And now with video.
  9. I love the video. The weird Ghost World meets Napoleon Dynamite aesthetic works for them.

    They're part of VEVO's dscvr list for the year.

  10. I think she sounds very Gaga-esque in I Wish I Was Your Cigarette.
  11. Errors SPEAKS to me. I've been listening to it for months. Any favorites?
  12. New tune 'Taker'. This album is gonna be a blast isn't it. This one is more Gaga goes Sleigh Bells as per the EP.
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  13. 'Taker' now with lyric video.
  14. Ha this is why I love PJ there's already a thread for everyone. Randomly just discovered this band through instagram. Stumbled on the lead singer, Kara's page and was scrolling for a good 5min before realising that I knew her from somewhere.

    She used to be in a pop duo with a Degrassi alum and they produced this one and only bop.

    Anyway cool to see she's in a new band now. Much different sound and look. I'm digging it. And they're signed on a major? Good for her.
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  16. I had a feeling this wasn't their/Kara's first project. Their whole aesthetic is so like... to the extreme and overcompensated that it kind of screams "3rd or 4th artistic reinvention".

    But they're really growing on me. Errors is a total bop.

    Just wish they were a little less on the nose with it all, but the writing is all great and I love her voice.
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  17. It's more like 5th nn:

    Seeing that all in one is actually a scream, but the music has gotten more refined and better despite, sometimes, as you said, being too on the nose. I'm excited Kara will finally get an album out.
  18. kii I admire her hustle.
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  19. DDD. I knew it.
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  20. "Do About Me" is a bop though and where it became obvious where her and Chris/"Bobby" started realizing where they want to take the direction that would become K.I.D:

    That Mississauga hustle.
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