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K.I.D - Tired All The Time (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Um these guys are awesome.

  2. Dd
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  3. It's apparently a remix of Boy.
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  5. I can't begin imagine how this'll sound, but Boy is fucking amazing and so is CupcaKke so I'm sure it'll be great.
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  6. I saw them live a couple of week ago when they opened for Prozzak! They were awesome!!
  7. I innocently clicked on this thread wondering who they were and I find out that half of KaraMel is still trying it.

    I'll give this a listen later though. Anyone with Cupcakke's approval is worth checking out.
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  8. I can assure you that they are in fact legitimately amazing.
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  9. Taker is a monster of a song. I lost my mind the first time I heard it.
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  10. This is such a bop I'd love if they re-did it

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  11. Their incarnations are so funny / weird, but they've really gotten it right this time. Bobby is such an inspired producer and Kara sells the whole thing just so well.

    Someone played the full album for me a while back and it's very good. I think putting out an EP was misguided, but I hope it pays off for them. I get you'll either love or hate their whole Sick Sad World invented aesthetic, but lyrically, it just works, and much of the production is A+.

    I'm glad an updated of this looks to make the cut.
  12. I love the EP even though "I Cannot Sleep At Night" feels like they wrote a parody song about my life (I still love the song, though).
  13. The Cupcakke rap isn't going to permit much in the way of radio play is it?
  14. SO I had the original 'Boy' on my driving Spotify playlist, which they've replaced with the Cupcakke edit. Fast forward and I'm driving with a boy and my playlist on shuffle, this comes on and I'm all 'Oh you'll like this! It's bratty, kinda rock-ish, super pop' then Cupcakke comes in with her cunnilyricsm and my life is ruined.
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  15. Or perhaps your life was saved after being baptized by queen cupcakke? Makes you think.
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  16. Cupcakke's verse is fucking brilliant.
  17. Just found out about this pop duo (?) through Cupcakke.

    Their music is incredible (and interesting visuals too)! Can't stop playing their three singles.


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