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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. YAAAS! Unfortunately now it's W & JAS and they change musical direction with new vocalist. Whale's solo material is also...uhm, more organic.
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  2. Guess it doesn't really count as K-Indie because IU wrote it (and those lyrics *sobs*) but meh, it's going here;

    If I've Don't Say No-ed someone, apologies.
  3. EDIT:

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  4. I found an article about them. They're so good! *cries*
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  5. I mean I was already a fan (Scenery was one of my melancholy faves from last year) but the fact they stan/model themselves somewhat on Portishead just solidified that. Really excited for the EP.

  6. Shaking. Crying. I guess I'm staying up till 3 a.m.....
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  7. Okay then.

    It's already on spotify/apple music.
  8. Pardon this echo chamber I've created but, oh my god I just stumbled upon this.
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  9. I don’t think anyone posted this but alt-bop incoming:
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  10. So, this is B Jyun and I really don't have words for his music. It's just absolutely bonkers.

    He also isn't anywhere on streaming, but a lot of his stuff is on youtube under various indie channels. (We Love Kpop has almost everything I think...)

  11. Continuing my post spam:
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  12. Can't decide if his singing voice is a smidge on the grating side or this is really chill (or both). Points for leaving the imperfect whistling segment in there:
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  13. Also, @ryan_riot92 I hadn't realised you had changed this to the ACTUAL MV, and only just listening now. Wow - cannot wait to delve into the EP if it's all in this soundscape.
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  14. "Ghost" is probably my least favorite track on the EP but I love EVERY TRACK! "Carry On" was the highlight for me.
  15. Choppy is REALLY good. Yas.
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  16. HELP. Sik-K dropped a whole new mini (it includes Choppy and Yelows Gang). He already complained on instagram that it's not on stream world wide, but it's already on youtube.

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