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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Wait at this sampling Roisin Murphy / Moloko.

    I am way too happy about this.
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  2. His entire soundcloud page has me fucked up.
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  3. Our hopes for a K-Shoegaze subsubsubgenre has a new entry:

    (And if you already posted this @Ceir - I apologize... no... no apology... I LOVE this...)
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  4. It's lovely and boo got all kill for this so yay.
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  5. He came third on High School Rapper 2.
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  6. So, Elo dropped a new mini and is apparently releasing two more ...

  7. That's because the damn "mini" has only two tracks! King of scams!
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  8. He hasn't promoted in like two years! Let him get his hype in!
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  9. Hyukoh just debuted their new single at a festival

    It's already on US itunes. I'm not sure about everywhere else.

  10. This album has me FLOORED.

    Rainbow Car, Jaam, Vodka Lemon Shot, and Ol' Me Myself are amazing.
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  11. It's a great album. It flows really well and doesn't feel as long as it actually is (interludes always help in that). While my favorite is still Encore (and the extended version of Overzone is LUSH), there's a lot to unpack, every track, even the most laid back, is loaded with things going on so it'll definitely take a few more listens to make it all sink but I'm stunned after just one. Maybe Stay is the one that struck me most, a brilliant way to wind up the album before the outro serves as the perfect excuse to put it back on once again.