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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Miso - Take Me
    Saay - Vlack and Vlue
    Blanco Catty - Time Machine

    Uhhhh, I'll have to look at my playlist when I get home this evening. Also, most of my list is going to be RnB based.
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  2. I've loved Suran for a while, but it took me a while to fall for "Wine" - I had to see her do it on Sketchbook (above). Now I can't live without it. And Hyukoh's 23 is a masterpiece, but very indie-rock.

    In addition to the gems @Ceir listed:
    Seoulmoon: Mystery Girls Club - reminds me of M83, one of my favorite bands ever.
    Yeseo: No City For Love

    Oohyo (who I love) really reminds me of Puer Kim who is an absolute trip:

    I never tire of her deliciously sleepy English delivery. She's brilliant.
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  3. Okay so the girl I work with introduced me to Naked bibi...

    And I wasn't disappointed.
  4. New Kream song came out earlier this month and I didn't know!

  5. Popped up in my YouTube recommendations, she has an interesting voice - it's somewhere between Bolbbalgan4 & AKMU for me:

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  6. and this one is such a bop
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  7. Greatest name ever. The Koxx. Wish I'd thought of that.
  8. Are we including anything non-mainstream in here? Because this was introduced to me like 4 years ago and I just rediscovered it.

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  9. I was obsessed with this track like two years ago and now you just rekindled that flame!
  10. I stumbled into her new song the other day

    ...& it was so perfect sat in bed with the rain pouring down so thank you both for the signposting the next song I'll check out of hers.

    Also @Ceir im currently in a neverending loop trance thanks to Kwon Jin Ah's One Strange Night since you insta-story-ed one of the ATs from it. Gorgeous.
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  11. Yes! It was Bite Me!
    I've added her into a mix with Heize, Suran, and Hoody.
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  12. Yessss same here! My current listening trio is basically 20/Twenty, 1+1=0 & You, Clouds, Rain on repeat these last few days. Ok and the RV mini but that's for another thread.
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  13. I don't know if she's classed as Indie honestly, but Park Boram's new mini fits so well with that current Indie gal sound - every song is golden:
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  14. I've kind of come to love Seizetheday

  15. ALSO
    I remember talking about seeing him perform at Deans concert...
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  16. Have we talked about Sik-K? Because this is good...

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  17. His new collab with Jay Park is nice, too.

    One a different note, this is wonderful:

    주르륵 means "scream"
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  18. View is the artist and Jade Key is the producer. "Lovers" is an amazing tropical-lite track and I might be in love.
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