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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Kim Kwangsoo likes 9. He tried to turn T-ara into 9 too.

    Day 3 and the DIA song is still a bop though.
  2. He


    Ok, bop!

    Have never listened to IU, actually never been into soloists. Any recommendations in her library?
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  3. Good Day, You and I, 23, MIA/Lost Child
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  4. I'm literally prancing around a closed university library, like the homosexual that I am, legit jamming out to Jam Jam.

    Send help

    Jam Jam, Blackout, Dlwlrma, Palette, and I Don't Love You Anymore are the highlights. The others are just the usual ballads. They're pretty, but plain.
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  5. Okay, but why is this a mid-tempo that isn't boring and doesn't suck? Also, VD wasn't his usual awful self for once!

    This was amazing! I couldn't help but sing The Vengabus Is Coming at the start of the chorus. Similar kind of melodies there.

    I never really pay attention to IU, but I think I need to start following her more closely. Her releases are really solid, I just never bother going beyond the lead single.
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  6. So one of my friends in Korea right now is from Oklahoma, and she has a friend from there who just landed in Korea who's going to be on the next season of Show Me The Money.

    I basically know a KPop celebrity now.
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  7. Music Bank gave Laboum the royal treatment. I loved this performance!



  8. This song grew on me fast, but I want another On The Road or some T-ara Pop.
    Not Laboum performing TWO SONGS on Music Bank. What is happening? Maybe talent did win after all.
    And wait what? They're coming for Pristin. Weewooweewoo.
    Except that Pristin is still charting in Melon.
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  9. kpopalbumsales keeps getting the title wrong when they begrudgingly post Laboum updates, so you know they already beat Pitstain.

    Imagine if Laboum released different versions of the same album too...

  10. Come to Brazil, KARD!
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  11. I've been desperate for KARD to go full boombahton / reggaeton / dancehall & that little snippet sounds incredibly promising. 3/3?
  12. What kind of bop?

    I can't deal with this month.
  13. We love a visual group!
  14. It's getting a little one-note for me honestly, but it's still going to be awesome.
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  15. That KARD song sounds a bit too much like their previous stuff. I hope a future album/mini will be more diverse in sound.
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  16. Isn't it just the GFriend strategy of releasing progressively more successful singles based in a similar musical wheelhouse (a la Schoolgirl Trilogy)? I think it's a wise choice for this initial fanbase build by DSP & they can always branch out come post-debut.
  17. BM stays wearing shorts and I'm not one to complain.
  18. I think the difference is that KARD aren't the only ones late to the tropical pop wagon.
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  19. So much truth in one post that I couldn't help but agree.
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  20. Hey, everyone! Did you know that IU is 25 now? And to think she was just 23!!!


    25! omg, who knew!?!? I'm facepalming! (Even though that's so 2015! I know! I can't help it!)