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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Excuse Me was a bit rubbish when it first came out but I love it now.
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  2. I haven't been keeping track, but Excuse Me is probably still comfortably my #1 song of the year so far...
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  3. He


    Exe-cuse Me is one of the best of the year, easily.

    That 1-2 punch of Kylie chorus + Choa belting is amazing.
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  4. Good for AOA for having success with one of their three good songs! I can't hate on that.
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  5. He



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  6. Hyejeong's pre-chorus part in Excuse Me is another reason to call her a Goddess.
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    Isn't Choa always singing the post-chorus?
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  9. R.I.P. Nugudan, Pitstain and DOA.
  10. You're right. I fixed it.
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    She should duet with new found power vocalist Sohye.
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  12. I never thought Sohye was as bad as the show wanted you to believe. It's almost as if the aspiring actress was... acting.
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    Wait, but have you seen she kind of can sing now? Much better than most idols will ever sound, at least.
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  14. I love WatchMojo for their stuff and they put together a pretty decent list for the Top 10 girl groups in K-Pop. They even gave After School a nod!

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  15. That Chungha teaser is intriguing. I think it's interesting that they're not giving her a bop to dance to straight away.
  16. I personally prefer their Brave Bros, everything but the kitchen sink sound over Excuse Me.

    So this happened during DIA's showcase.

    Apparently she was given medication, most likely for anxiety, and they made her zone out. Poor Eunjin!
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  17. My king just returned from the army.
  18. unpopular(?) opinion, but I prefer Yunho's voice to Changmin's. I hope he puts out a solo single before the latter gets discharged because Champagne was a freaking JAM

    Rise as Gods is probably my favourite album from them.
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  20. Ok, why wasn't I informed that there was a Korean BL-ish drama existing? And starring actually relevant actors? Is this worth my time?

    Also, Joy is absolutely gorgeous. She's really my fave girl in K-Pop right now. I can't wait 'till her drama finishes so I can binge watch.
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