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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I think we have all gathered we will have plenty of LGs in this video...
  2. Son Dambi and After School's impact.

    Bekah died so that KARD could live.

    And the church of Amoled was born on this day.
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  3. It's long, and I'm only a little of the way through, but a really nice interesting chat with CLC's Top Madam about Idoldom:
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  4. It's just too bad that DSPMedia will inevitably ruin them somehow.

    Three years from now, we'll all be groaning about their brilliant strategy to replace J. Seph with a tap-dancing ostrich. Or something stupider.

    And yet, someone will still give it a 7/10 on their monthly rate...
  5. He


    Girl, let us have this moment!
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  7. MONSTA X blessed us with adorable self-cam MV for "I Need U".

    and MV for Japanese version of HERO (including Wonho abs):
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  8. [​IMG]

    Being covered before their official debut.
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  9. The need for Japanese companies to actively go out of their way to make accessing j-pop difficult in America is so...

    I just want to see Wonho's abs, what the fuck.
  10. He


    Stan talent.
    Stan Chungha.
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    now i only have to click replay every 10 minutes instead of every 40 seconds god is real
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  12. Cellphones and K-Pop are always a good mix.

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  13. He


    Lollipop is about the Android version?

    I can't at the AH AH AMOLED, chorus. Amazing.
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  14. Speaking of cellphones ads ??

    @Slice of Life I remember you loved this so much.
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  15. He


    I remember being fascinated by Samsung TVs playing a girl group video, but I had no idea about k-pop then.

    I think it was The Boys.
  16. Why stop at phones when you can promote computer core processors with robo-dancing and software analogies?

    I still jam to this, thanks @Alouder98 !
  17. RED QUEEN - Acacia
    • not a real group. They're the top-tier girl group in the upcoming show, I[email protected] KR.
    • After School's Kaeun is not in this video as her role is a new member of the group who'll end up debuting before the protagonist girls.
    • One of the Red Queen members, will die, and Kaeun will replace her in their new line-up.
    • The girl who dies... apparently has a twin sister... who happens to be the main girl of the entire show.
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  18. I gave this a 2.
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  19. Listen up, heathens, because the Kween of Korea has spoken. I'm talking about IU.

    And she stans Oh My Girl. And their latest single, Coloring Book. I know y'all hated that song but you're opinions are now considered irrelevant after GodU's statement. Byeeeee.