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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. After reading everyone else's theories on the music videos I'm really worried for my subconscious because all I got from them was Creepy Creeper(s) creep on girls/blindfold boy.
  2. 9 Muses just ended my life!


    Where the hell did they get that song from?! It was dramatic and grandiose! The contrast between the slow burn of the verses and the explosiveness of the chorus was excellent. I also really liked those quick verses that followed the high note.

    The MV is a mess, but it's a high quality mess and they all looked stunning.
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    I love stanning talent. Honestly, as long as Kween Kyungri is still a Muse, I'll always stan.
  4. "Remember" is automatically right up with my favorite tracks of the year! So dramatic!
  5. There's a heatwave today but I got goosebumps listening to Remember. Fucking hell. Everyone else releasing stuff this month should just not bother anymore.
  6. Girls' Generation comeback officially scheduled for early August.

    They are doing a 10th Anniversary fanmeet on August 5th, the lead single has been chosen and shooting the video at the end of June.
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  7. Wonho needs to STOP.

    Lord have mercy if he pulls these stunts for the US tour.
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  8. Hotshot (I don't know them, to be honest) are making a comeback as five, without Ha Sungwoon who made it to Wanna One.
  9. Wig FLEW @ Nine Muses.

  10. What kind of midtempo jam?
  11. Hurt Locker is the greatest 9Muses song for me, and I never ever thought they'd top it.
    But they did.
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  12. He


    It's not better than Hurt Locker for me but I think it'll grow on me.
  13. My favorite 9Muses song is so underrated. It is in my ultimate K-Pop favorites list :

  14. I'm truly SHOOKETH with the 4Muses comeback
  15. He


    They are so cute and so many!

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  17. 9MUSES slayed me with Remember. SHINE FOREVER is nice too, Minhyuk's ad libs, henny went there.
  18. King Lee Taemin's Japanese Comeback is set for July 18th

    I'm already shook

  19. He's really turned into an amazing all-around performer and while I need a new SHINee release, this will do.
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