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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Ha! Good joke!

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  2. Ta-dah~

    et voilĂ ~

    I honestly have no idea what's happening/what the plot is in either video (the scaffolding behind the glass box in Remember is a choice) but they both sound MASSIVE. Hyungwon's (?) diva ad-libs at the end of Shine Forever deserve a special mention too - I'm sold.
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  3. Remember is SO good. Easily the best song of this month for me (so far).
  4. Oh.
    Remember is amazing. I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Queens.
  5. I think Remember may just be like the guy is cheating on all of them so Kyungri shoots him?

    Shine Forever is that Minhyuk & Kihyun get into a car accident that blinds Kihyun and so all the other guys are mad at them, but then they do some weird occult shit and get his eyesight back.

    Monsta X's other new track:
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  6. The whole Identity EP is great. Pastry is classic Nine Muses and I love it.
    I hope it doesn't flop too badly.
  7. This is what I was assuming but then they were also giving us that whole horror movie "hide in abandoned rooms" chase section, the vampire blood eyes, burning the teddy bear, a random pool bikini shoot, some bizarre bathtub transportation.... I don't mind a bit of bonkers in the slightest but it was dense as far MVs go.

    Thank you for the Monsta X synopsis though, makes more sense now. Boy-band videos pack so much blindfolded fighting, bromance crying & looking pensive in the great outdoors within a 3-4 minute time frame that I get a bit lost sometimes.
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  8. He


    The 9Muses video is pretty cool, and the song is nice.

    I wish T-ARA had gotten an interesting video for What's My Name.
  9. For those curious about the Yuehua boys, they uploaded a dance cover and are doing a stream soon, I think.

    Of note - the 5th one who was on P101 with them.. doesn't seem to be in their group?

    It seems to be Jung Jung, Justin, Euiwoong, Hyungseob and two not-revealed guys.
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  10. The Nine Muses video is a dark sequel to Lip 2 Lip, no? That one ended with Kyungri and Hyemi discovering they were dating the same guy. I think it might even be the same actor/model in both videos.

    Not that it matters because the song overshadows it completely with its pensive verses and massive chorus. They continue to have the most amazing singles run pretends_to_be_shocked.gif
  11. After reading everyone else's theories on the music videos I'm really worried for my subconscious because all I got from them was Creepy Creeper(s) creep on girls/blindfold boy.
  12. 9 Muses just ended my life!


    Where the hell did they get that song from?! It was dramatic and grandiose! The contrast between the slow burn of the verses and the explosiveness of the chorus was excellent. I also really liked those quick verses that followed the high note.

    The MV is a mess, but it's a high quality mess and they all looked stunning.
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    I love stanning talent. Honestly, as long as Kween Kyungri is still a Muse, I'll always stan.
  14. "Remember" is automatically right up with my favorite tracks of the year! So dramatic!
  15. There's a heatwave today but I got goosebumps listening to Remember. Fucking hell. Everyone else releasing stuff this month should just not bother anymore.
  16. Girls' Generation comeback officially scheduled for early August.

    They are doing a 10th Anniversary fanmeet on August 5th, the lead single has been chosen and shooting the video at the end of June.
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  17. Wonho needs to STOP.

    Lord have mercy if he pulls these stunts for the US tour.
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  18. Hotshot (I don't know them, to be honest) are making a comeback as five, without Ha Sungwoon who made it to Wanna One.
  19. What kind of midtempo jam?