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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Yassssssss Jessica. Hope it's a bop, I'm ready to dance.

    And CLC better give me more 4minute knock-offs cause their mini album was amazing.
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  2. Free SM is an iconic name. I can't wait for it, though I'm wondering just what they'll do since they're not doing a Girl Crush concept - maybe they'll do something like Meow Meow? A mix between Hobgoblin and Pepe? HobPepe? Who knows? Only the queens keeping us on our toes~

    And as for Jessica, I think it's fair for her to celebrate 10 years in the K-Pop world, that's not an insignificant milestone considering how cutthroat the business is, and all shade aside, I'm happy for her. And also living for the petty shade. Carry on, Sica, avenge your elimination from the SM Girls rate.
  3. My name in prison.
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  4. WAIT is it Free'Sm like 'Threesome'? Fingers crossed their One More is coming if not another Girl Crush 4M banger.

    Also hoping it stands for Free (us from our Cube Contracts) SM.
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  5. It will be a complete mess if Jessica releases her album on the exact same day as SNSD, but I'm so here for it.

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  6. He



    She did not even wait for a high note...
  7. Tiffany don't care!

  8. Red Velvet's You Better Know had me strangely missing The Saturdays.
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  9. I had the exact same feeling & im really not mad at it. It would easily slot in with the Living for the Weekend singles.
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  10. Even Laboum's Hwi Hwi could be a bonus track.
  11. T-ARA released an OST and it's pretty good.

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  12. He


    I love Jiyeon's tone.

    The production is incredibly thin, though.
  13. Fans will be able to vote for the Wanna One debut single: Burn It Up or Energetic.


    Available in your next Kidz Bop album!
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  14. What... in the world... is this... ?

  15. He


    Twice are so talented.
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  16. Wow... Talent does always win.

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  17. But wait, why haven't we been using Minhyun's new success to promote Orange Caramel and get them a comeback?

    Make it viral!