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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. @D is for Danger! 's wife-to-be is making a piano house comeback

    Also, this sounds much better than i was expecting from the POD video to be honest:
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  2. He


    Agh, the KARD debut sounds great!

    I'm kind of sad we have basically half of the song now, haha.

    That haircut/dye really does not favor BM's head.
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  3. Jennie's outfit that mysteriously wasn't included in the Korean version of As If It's Your Last - the red one with pigtails - is featured in the video for the Japanese version.
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  4. I hope this is true! I would want a Loona tropical bop.
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  5. Tropical Windy Day (It's Monsoon Season) with the below choreo please & thank you <3
  6. I favour BM's head.

  7. The return of the comeback of the... *drumroll* best-selling Loona soloist... Yeojin!
    Wait at Loona 1/3 + Kim Lip dancing to $laying In The Rain and comparing each other's solo debuts.
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  8. I went back to August 2012 to see the reactions when KARA's magnum opus "Pandora" dropped, and cackling at it being the introduction to K-Pop Staple @D is for Danger!, amidst an argument about the age rating that just started happening that month on K-Pop videos.

    Myself, @3Xs, @Monkey0, @Ceir & @Big Bang getting our fucking lives hitori was there too but who cares. Back when MVs were posted to Korean sites first and we had to wait for YouTube to upload it.

    Iconic day.
  9. Noooooooooooooooooooooo. What is this atrocity?!?!
    Cute Snuper should only be confined to Japan.

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  10. WTF... I'm a changed man! I'm not the me that posted that 2 seconds ago.

    A religious summer anthem is coming! Prepare to drown yourselves in the Snuperic Ocean!

    I will bang my head against a wall if it turns out to be a cutie-poopie song like You=Heaven.
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  11. Yassssssss Jessica. Hope it's a bop, I'm ready to dance.

    And CLC better give me more 4minute knock-offs cause their mini album was amazing.
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  12. Free SM is an iconic name. I can't wait for it, though I'm wondering just what they'll do since they're not doing a Girl Crush concept - maybe they'll do something like Meow Meow? A mix between Hobgoblin and Pepe? HobPepe? Who knows? Only the queens keeping us on our toes~

    And as for Jessica, I think it's fair for her to celebrate 10 years in the K-Pop world, that's not an insignificant milestone considering how cutthroat the business is, and all shade aside, I'm happy for her. And also living for the petty shade. Carry on, Sica, avenge your elimination from the SM Girls rate.
  13. My name in prison.
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  14. WAIT is it Free'Sm like 'Threesome'? Fingers crossed their One More is coming if not another Girl Crush 4M banger.

    Also hoping it stands for Free (us from our Cube Contracts) SM.
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  15. It will be a complete mess if Jessica releases her album on the exact same day as SNSD, but I'm so here for it.

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  16. He



    She did not even wait for a high note...
  17. Tiffany don't care!