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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. They were all renegotiating their contracts and either had members not renew their contracts, or the whole group left the company.

    Critical thinking skills, kids...
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  2. Yes? I'm just saying commercial performance isn't the only determining factor for a group to disband. Even if GOT7 are selling by the truckloads, the rumor could still have some truth to it if there's something going on behind the scenes.
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  3. I haven't liked GOT7 since "If You Do" ...
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  4. That's the only GOT7 song I like to be honest.
  5. This is the best Got7 song
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  7. I retired my Ga-in avatar when someone called me an ice queen in the relationships thread (I used a Jessica one for a while yoooooooo)
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  8. KARA were certainly not at the top of their "commercial and artistic peak."
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  9. No but "Cupid" is still a MASSIVE bop and a half.

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  10. PREACH, SIS. Every single song after that has been abysmal. As Tyra once said, they're just relying on pretty for now.
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  11. Bambam's parts can easily be covered by Mark and Yugyeom anyway.
    You really gotta give it to Youngji for making a career out of only two Kara eras.
  12. @D is for Danger! 's wife-to-be is making a piano house comeback

    Also, this sounds much better than i was expecting from the POD video to be honest:
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  13. He


    Agh, the KARD debut sounds great!

    I'm kind of sad we have basically half of the song now, haha.

    That haircut/dye really does not favor BM's head.
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  14. Jennie's outfit that mysteriously wasn't included in the Korean version of As If It's Your Last - the red one with pigtails - is featured in the video for the Japanese version.
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  15. I hope this is true! I would want a Loona tropical bop.
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  16. Tropical Windy Day (It's Monsoon Season) with the below choreo please & thank you <3
  17. I favour BM's head.

  18. The return of the comeback of the... *drumroll* best-selling Loona soloist... Yeojin!
    Wait at Loona 1/3 + Kim Lip dancing to $laying In The Rain and comparing each other's solo debuts.
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  19. I went back to August 2012 to see the reactions when KARA's magnum opus "Pandora" dropped, and cackling at it being the introduction to K-Pop Staple @D is for Danger!, amidst an argument about the age rating that just started happening that month on K-Pop videos.

    Myself, @3Xs, @Monkey0, @Ceir & @Big Bang getting our fucking lives hitori was there too but who cares. Back when MVs were posted to Korean sites first and we had to wait for YouTube to upload it.

    Iconic day.
  20. Noooooooooooooooooooooo. What is this atrocity?!?!
    Cute Snuper should only be confined to Japan.

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