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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Y'all thirsting over his underdeveloped calves?!
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  2. Fuck the calves, I'm looking at the thighs.


    And now I'm going back to waiting for Choerry to deliver me from sin.
  4. He has so much more to offer.
  5. Oh I'm well aware.

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  6. New and upcoming Queens of Drama. Loona are gonna be everywhere next year.
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  7. Bae.Seph has destroyed me with this easy breezy beautiful COVERGIRLĀ® moment
    @Big Bang hjalp
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  8. holy shit this looks EPIC
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  9. Exo's new song sounds like it belongs to NCT.
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  11. I just chortled so hard.

    I don't even mind the song except for the ~breakdown~ after the chorus, the rest is cute. But this was such a perfect response, bravo.
  12. I hate their white borders so much dd.

    It's an interesting song. I don't think it's as instant as Monster though.
  13. The new EXO song & MV make me think of
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  14. What EXO did not deliver, Snuper will!
    It looks like Woosung is the center of this comeback.

  15. Not when this hymn exists.

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  16. I actually prefer First and Last.

    But yeah, NCT Dream is the best thing to come out of SM in a while.
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  17. I think both are great but HOVERBOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When will your faves' choreography?
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